10 insane kisses that every woman absolutely must have experienced!

If there's one thing in life that we can't get enough of, it's KISSING!

A kiss can be incredibly tender. He can comfort, take away the pain of parting and become incredibly passionate from one second to the other. With a really good kiss, you forget EVERYTHING around you.

There are an infinite number of different types of kisses. All of them are beautiful, but there are ten that are particularly great. EVERYONE should experience these 10 kisses:

The first tentative kiss

Because you will never forget that ...

The tender kiss on the forehead

Because he shows you that he really loves you.

The kiss in the rain

Because there is nothing more romantic.

The kiss from behind in a hug

Because he is full of tenderness.

The kiss that is totally in love, in which the hands carefully clasp the face

Because it usually starts tenderly and then becomes incredibly passionate.

The kiss goodbye

Because he's bittersweet.

The kiss after not seeing each other for a long time

Because he is anticipation of pure.

The reconciliation kiss

Because he completely forgot you what it went in the dispute.

The stunning Hollywood kiss

Because he speaks you literally!

Du-making me-crazy kiss

Because he promises more ...