15 wellness moments that every power woman should treat themselves

Anyone who claims that power women are not allowed to relax too? We'll show you 15 wonderful wellness moments that EVERY power woman should treat herself to from time to time (and they don't just have to do with beauty).

Millennials, career women or leaders - power women rule the world. But in addition to appointments, meetings, family and career, we often forget one thing: a little me-time. Just switch off and enjoy the little wellness moments of everyday life. Here we show you how you can simply relax despite stress and a busy schedule:

1. Take a long bath

Nothing is as relaxing as a bath. Turn on the warm water and simply forget everything around you - it's not only good for your skin, but also for your soul.
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2. Sleep in

One thing is certain: most of them simply don't get enough sleep. The relaxing hours in bed are so important for our body. At the weekend, just set your alarm clock to snooze and sleep for an hour - your body will thank you.

3. Binge watching

Do you know binge watching? This means watching several episodes of a television series at a time. At first glance, it looks a bit lazy and unproductive. But nothing is more relaxing than sitting on the sofa in comfortable sweatpants and a delicious bag of chips and watching your favorite characters.

4th. Brunch with your best friends

Treats and chatting with your best friends: what more could you want? Here you can just talk about the frustration and stress from your soul.

5. The morning 5 minutes

Be it yoga or a short coffee break: Before you start your stressful everyday life, you should treat yourself to 5 minutes to prepare yourself mentally for the day.
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6th. Be positive

We women tend to question and criticize everything and only see the negative. Stop it! Because brooding is unhealthy and one imagines the worst scenarios. The result: worry, agonizing self-talk and fixation on failure and lack narrow the view and paralyze the energy.

7th. Be confident

"I would like to have too ...", " I would like to be like ...". We are not only negative, but often question ourselves and like to compare ourselves with others. The result: We don't stay true to ourselves and our self-esteem drops. We say: no! Stand by your rough edges, rediscover your advantages and strengths and just be proud of yourself.

8th. Sports

Yes, exercise can be so exhausting. But did you know that an hour on the treadmill or swinging your hips in a Zumba class can be totally liberating? Simply train yourself off the frustration and everyday stress.

Our Latin dance workout is really fun:

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Video by Fiona Rohde

9. Now and then one can also sin

A few pounds less would not be bad and I actually wanted to eat a totally healthy diet ... There is nothing wrong with a healthy diet, but a cheat day here and there is allowed, right?? Donuts, french fries, pizza or cupcakes - yes, they're unhealthy, but also so deliciously delicious.

10. Spa day in your own four walls

Light a scented candle, play relaxing music and apply a soothing face mask: Not only do you do something for your complexion, but you can also let your mind wander.
Tip: No time for an extensive spa day? Then your daily beauty program turns into a short wellness ritual: consciously take a few minutes for the application, enjoy the scent of your care products and pamper yourself and your skin with them. Good mood guaranteed!
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11. To go for a walk

Be it with a friend, husband or family: Enjoy the sun and nature outside! Just go for a walk, explore new corners of your environment and do something for your body.

12. Treat yourself to a manicure

Whether professionally in a cosmetic studio or at home in your own four walls: a manicure can be super relaxing and puts you in a good mood. You can even do a pedicure yourself with a little time at home.

13. Be alone

Many people cannot be alone. A little loneliness can do you good. So we can sort our thoughts, focus only on ourselves and just be ourselves.

14th. Read a good book

Exciting thrillers, romantic love stories or funny novels: cuddling up under a blanket and reading a book can be so relaxing!