5 things that your vagina does not like at all

For a healthy intimate area, wife can do a lot. Above all, an intact vaginal flora is indispensable. But what can be disturbed the sensitive vaginal milieu? Things that a vagina can not even suffer, let's introduce here.

A healthy vagina can not be exceeded in sexyness. Therefore, it is all the more important that women know what their vagina likes and what they do not like. Certain things have nothing to look in the intimate area. What to consider from intimate hygiene to underwear, you will learn here.

1 Excessive cleanliness

Somehow it sounds almost paradoxical, but the tendency towards excessive cleanliness can clear the way for infections. This is especially true in the intimate zone. Extreme cleaning disturbs the vaginal flora. This includes certain bacteria that are particularly useful. The little helpers are mainly lactobacilli (lactic acid bacteria). They form the acidic vaginal environment, which turns the vaginal flora into a protective shield against unwanted germs.
Daily washing of the outer genital area with lukewarm water is sufficient - never wash "from the inside " or do vaginal douching. If washing with water is not enough for you, there are a few things you should consider: Particular emphasis is placed on personal hygiene products. Instead of conventional shower gels, it is essential to use a special intimate wash lotion to use. This gently cleanses and supports the protective function of the vagina without affecting the sensitive vaginal flora.

2 Sexy lingerie

Those who mainly wear sexy lingerie as underwear can sometimes experience a rude awakening. Because playful polyester panties, which also fit tightly, are anything but beneficial for the sensitive jewelry box in the long run.
The reason: synthetic fibers can be a breeding ground for germs. These can disturb the vaginal flora, i.e. the protective shield of the vagina.

The best materials for the intimate area are cotton and silk. The natural fibers are breathable and at least cotton can also be washed at high temperatures (60 ° C). Yes, okay - the cotton models are not always that 'sexy ', but as already mentioned, a healthy vagina is simply unbeatable in terms of sexiness.
You should consider these underwear tips:
> Natural fibers such as silk and cotton are breathable and well suited.
> So-called cotton gussets should always be present in the laundry.
> Materials made of synthetic fibers should not be in direct contact with the vagina.
> Use a hygienic rinse when washing delicates.
> No string thongs (see below for bacterial migration).

3 Weak Immune System & Medicines

Anyone who thinks that only unfavorable underwear or mistakes in the hygiene routine could disturb the sensitive vaginal flora of the vagina is wrong. A weakened immune system and hormonal fluctuations can also permanently disrupt the protective vaginal flora.
A lot of stress, too little exercise, unhealthy diet - all these are causes that weaken the immune system in the long term and not only pave the way for cold viruses, but can also lead to infections with vaginal thrush, for example.
Apart from that, medicines can also affect the health of the vagina. Medicines often cause vaginal flora disorders that are not initially associated with them. For example, if you get antibiotics because of an upper respiratory disease, they not only fight the unwanted bacteria in the body, but also kill the beneficial lactic acid bacteria in the vaginal flora.
Of course, this is not a reason to stop taking the medication your doctor has prescribed for you. In the pharmacy there are special preparations with lactobacilli that support the vaginal flora during antibiotic therapy - this can counteract an infection with vaginal fungus.
Incidentally, the pill can also be the cause of vaginal yeast infections. Because interventions in the hormonal balance can bring the vaginal flora out of balance.

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4 drought

There can be many different causes for a dry vagina, such as excessive hygiene, illness, hormonal fluctuations or sexual aversion. There are special moisturizing gels so that the uncomfortable feeling of dryness, itching, burning or pain during sex can be alleviated.
This does not mean strawberry-flavored lubricants that are supposed to make sex more fun. We are talking about special care for the dry skin of the vagina, comparable to the care that you would also use for dry skin on the face.
The highlight: The highly valued hyaluronic acid from facial care products is now also used in the intimate area. The KadeFungin moisturizing gel * For example, it contains the body's own substance that can bind large amounts of water and thus provide sensitive skin with moisture. This special care for the vagina works immediately and is available from pharmacies without a prescription.
This moisturizing gel can even be used as a lubricant and is safe to use with a condom - without any fragrances or flavors.

5 interplay

What applies to proper toilet hygiene (just wipe from front to back) is also important during sex. As pleasurable as it could be at times, you shouldn't switch from anal intercourse to vaginal intercourse during lovemaking. Because it can promote infections if unwanted bacteria from the anus are distributed in the vagina area (smear infection). And honestly: risking a vaginitis, just because of a little fun, is just like sex without rubber an absolute no-go.
Speaking of sex: Do not forget to go to the bathroom afterwards. This can also reduce the risk of urinary expeditis, so-called honeymoon cystitis,. Oh yes, and that your Sextoys care and cleaning need, hopefully every toy friend.

Note: For uncertainties, inflammation, eye-catching odors, cramps and fears, please contact your gynecologist or your gynecologist.