5 tricks with which you can give your self-confidence a boost

Feeling comfortable in your own skin, having self-confidence: unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in this equally well ...

Some seem to like themselves so much that they get on the nerves of others - others, on the other hand, permanently put their light under a bushel, feel small, insignificant and would like to hide permanently. But that doesn't have to be the case, because after all, healthy self-confidence isn't innate, but something that you can train every day, piece by piece.

With more self-confidence, you come across as much more authentic to others

People with little self-confidence keep their light under a bushel and often cannot imagine that other people appreciate many things about them. In addition, their low self-confidence prevents them from showing initiative and making progress - and so they miss a lot of great opportunities, both professionally and privately. In addition: if you have little self-confidence, you don't look authentic to others - and will find it difficult to find the right path for yourself and to take your own life into your own hands.

And how do you manage to become more self-confident??

Anyone who would like to be more self-confident should never lose sight of one thing: Each of us is unique, everyone is different - and everyone should find out for themselves what really makes them special. What are your personal strengths and what are your weaknesses? What are we passionate about and what leaves us rather cold? What can we do particularly well and even better than others around us?? Don't hesitate to make a list - you'll be surprised how quickly it fills up with positives!

The 5 keys to more self-confidence:

1. Accept yourselves and stand by yourself!
Grant yourself the right to your own opinion, personal thoughts and actions. Stand by them no matter what others say. And every now and then forces you to express your opinion and your thoughts on a topic - also and especially if you have the feeling that the others have a different opinion or might not be interested in your way of thinking. Start with the small, i.H. practice at meetings with your friends or with family and then improve yourself more and more by z.B. sometimes in the office and among colleagues, says what is important to you.

2. Don't pretend, be authentic!
Always be yourself and don't try to pretend when dealing with others. Do not try to copy the nature and behavior of others, but stand by your uniqueness and your unique expression. An example: Buy clothes that you really like and that you really feel comfortable in instead of copying the look of other girls just because it's trendy. And if you didn't like the horror movie your friend dragged you into, just say so.

3. Set goals for yourself!
And one every day, no matter how small it may seem. To do this, of course, you have to know and define your possibilities and limits, otherwise the goals will quickly become unattainable. Start with small goals and increase slowly and step by step more and more. Observe your successes and start where you still have to work.

4th. Make use of the 'Coué ' method
This is a method from psychology and means in plain language: Repeat positive sentences every morning and every evening. Write them down, read them through from time to time if necessary. "I can do it!"or " I'm the right person for the job!". Focus on the positives in your life and don't just look at what's going badly.

5. Face your weaknesses, deal with them
Instead of avoiding situations that are uncomfortable for you, from today you consciously deal with them: Stop lowering your head when someone looks at you - look back attentively and in a friendly manner. Enter into discussions and stand by your opinion. Get involved in this experiment and you will see: Step by step you come closer to your goal of more self-confidence. Take courage!

You still need motivation? The Dalai Lama has advice in every situation: