6 things you need to know before getting a small tattoo

There are a few things that make small, filigree tattoos special. Here are 6 things to think about.

Mini tattoos look extremely cool and are easy to hide in an emergency. No wonder they are more popular than ever. Various celebrities also repeatedly present their microtattoos on Instagram. Supermodel Hailey Baldwin even has 16 pieces.

But precisely because these tattoos are so small, there are some things that you should be aware of. So here are 6 things you should definitely know before getting a tattoo!

1 Small tattoos need special care

Mini tattoos are actually as delicate as they look. Therefore, you should be particularly careful with a freshly made micro tattoo. Scratching the scab with a normal tattoo is dangerous and can lead to fading of the color or scarring. With such fine lines, however, they can partially or completely disappear.

2 Each tattoo is unique

If you are considering getting a tattoo together with your BFF, be warned: No tattoo will ever look like the other. This of course applies to every tattoo, but it is precisely with particularly small motifs or fine lines that slight differences can be seen most clearly.

3 Mistakes happen

Tattoos are man-made little works of art - and people make mistakes. With filigree tattoos, small flaws are of course more noticeable. It is all the more important to find a tattoo artist who knows his trade and whom you can trust.

4 Not every tattoo artist does small tattoos

That brings us to the next topic, because not every tattoo artist does small tattoos. Many tattoo artists have their specialty and it is advisable to go to a tattoo artist who specializes in what you want. A tattoo artist who usually does large motifs may even be prepared to do a micro-tattoo, but whether you are also satisfied with the result afterwards is another question. We advise you not to take it easy.

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5 Small tattoos fade faster

As soon as ink penetrates the skin, our body tries everything to get rid of it. That is why tattoos fade over time and unfortunately this process is faster with particularly filigree tattoos than with larger tattoos - simply because less ink is used.

6 Small tattoos are easier to correct

One advantage of small tattoos, however, is that they can be easily re-pierced when they have faded - simply because it's not as expensive as a large tattoo. They are also easier to correct if the tattoo artist should make a mistake. In an emergency, small tattoos can always be enlarged or hidden with a cover - the other way around it is difficult.

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