9 simple tricks to open a wine bottle

Okay, we give to: the easiest way to open a wine bottle is the corkscrew. But what if the practical tool is not nearby? Or someone overpaid the lust, just to try it in a completely different way? Finally, beer bottles do not always open with the bottle opener, but grabs to many different objects to get to the cool blonde. Even the wine can be free from the bottle "openerless"!

These two principles help when opening wine bottles

Who wants to open a wine bottle, which requires either a tool to pull out the cork - or he has to sweep the plug almost from the bottleneck. There are several approaches for both options.

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To pull out the cork, you need a tool that fits into the neck of the bottle, can drill into the soft material and is best anchored there. If it does not anchor, the tool should be pushed in at an angle to create leverage.

In order to drive the cork out, you need to build up a certain amount of pressure in the bottle. You generate this either by applying mechanical force or by heating. It is important to be careful not to break the glass!

5 "cork pull-out methods" to get to the wine

First of all, we will introduce you to the "cork pull-out methods", as these are the most commonly used. Wine connoisseurs probably feel more secure when they have an object in their hand that only affects the cork, but not the glass.

However, we have to admit at this point that the "cork-removing methods" are usually associated with less exertion, since very simple physics are used here. But let's look at the first 5 methods:

1. Method: Open the wine bottle with a hook

There are hooks readily available in almost every household. Those specimens that have a thread at one end are best, as this is the best way to grip the cork!

We recommend using what is known as a bicycle hook, which is actually used to hang bicycles on the wall. This is exactly the right size and features to open a wine bottle. That's how it's done:

  • Turn the thread into the cork.
  • Proceed cautiously!
  • Pull out the cork while turning it slightly.

As you can see: Basically, the process works almost exactly as with an ordinary corkscrew. Perhaps in the near future you will always be using your bicycle hook!

2. A screw to replace a corkscrew

Imagine the bicycle hook without a hook: What does this object remind you of? Yes, that's right, on a screw! This tells us that a long screw with a large head is also suitable for opening a wine bottle.

However, since the screw head cannot be grasped so easily with human fingers, you will need another tool to pull out the cork. It worked best with commercially available pliers.

  • Turn the screw into the cork.
  • Do not screw in all the way, let it protrude 1 cm!
  • Unscrew the screw and cork with pliers.

The best thing about this method: In an average budget, almost always a few screws and a pliers are available. And if not, then it is worthwhile to ask the neighbor.

3. Also with nails works '!

You have no screws, but only a few nails found? Does not matter, if you also have a room chamber with nail claw, you are well prepared to open your wine bottle!

Because with these two objects, you already have the two counterparts needed: a tool that anchors in the cork and another to pull out the cork. The rest is almost explained by itself:

  • Press three to four nails in row in the corks.
  • Start Hammer Claw.
  • Pull out cork under a slight turn.

A real craftsman is likely to be abundant! But even laypeople who have hardly ever held a hammer will certainly quickly get the hang of it.

4th. Use a knife

Let's rummage around in our cupboards and drawers for a little longer: You will probably come across some kind of knife that is used for cutting fruit or simply as a pocket knife.

If this has a blade that fits into the neck of your wine bottle, you have already found a suitable instrument for your "Grape juice project". Now let's get to work:

  • Drill the blade at an angle into the cork.
  • Gently twist back and forth to loosen the cork.
  • Pull out the cork while turning it slightly.
  • Do the rest with your fingers.

Admittedly, it sounds a bit like a Boy Scout method - and it probably feels the same way. But the main thing is that the wine then flows freely into the glasses provided!

5. The key as a corkscrew

A key can also serve as a kind of replacement corkscrew, after all it has something like barbs and a very acceptable grip surface. It is also available “on the go”, for example for a romantic stroll by the lake or at the campsite.

The most important prerequisite for the success of this action is that you find a key with a long beard that is as unbreakable as possible. Not that you can no longer get into your apartment afterwards! And then: let's go!

  • Insert the key into the cork at a slight angle.
  • Twist back and forth to loosen the cork.
  • Pull out the cork with a slight twist.
  • Eventually. help with your hand.

With this trick you can stand up to any cool guy who casually opens his beer with a lighter! Maybe practice a little at home first before going public.

These 3 methods let the cork "pop" by itself

It's easy with a bottle of sparkling wine: the gas pressure in the bottle is usually so high that the cork is pushed out of the neck of the bottle. With a little tuition, however, this also works with a wine bottle. Let's have a look:

Warm the neck of the bottle with hot water

Air and liquids expand when heated - and when they're in a wine bottle, you increase the pressure on the cork. Warming up with hot water is safe and quick.

  • Let hot water flow over the neck of the bottle.
  • Wait a few minutes.
  • If the cork comes out: pull it out with your fingers.

The wine will also warm up a little with this method: Sometimes that doesn't really matter, for example with a heavy, red drop. In other cases, however, cooling is good after opening.

Use the power of fire

Fire also radiates heat, which is great for opening a wine bottle! Use either a blowtorch (€ 28.90 on Amazon *) or the flame of a candle to carefully heat the neck of the bottle.

Be careful to keep enough distance from the flame so that the glass does not shatter. To be on the safe side, wrap a towel around the body of the bottle so as not to endanger your hands.

  • Turn on the blowtorch or light the candle.
  • Hold the neck of the bottle about 20 cm above it.
  • Heat under the cork.
  • The cork slowly moves upwards.
  • Finally, grab the cork and pull it out.

It's a little fun to watch the cork on its magical hike. But the same applies here: exercise caution - and possibly cool the wine again after opening?

Knock the cork out of the neck of the bottle

Those who hear about this trick for the first time can often hardly believe that it really works. But there are actually countless videos on the net that prove: It actually works!

In this case, too, it is important to avoid damaging the glass, which is why it is given a soft buffer for the tapping process: your shoe! Yes, you heard that right, the sole of the shoe acts as a cushion when you knock out the cork.

  • Put the wine bottle in the shoe.
  • Tap the sole of your shoe against the wall or tree with a bottle.
  • Continue until the cork comes out.
  • Pull out completely by hand.

Basically this is the easiest method, but whether it works every time you use it is an open question. It is definitely worth a try!

If in doubt, push in the cork

The goal is clear: the cork has to come out of the narrow neck of the bottle so that the wine can flow into the glass. Alternatively, you can push the plug inwards instead of pushing it outwards!

However, a lot can go wrong: Sometimes the wine spurts out of the bottle in a high arc, in some cases the cork breaks into a thousand pieces. But no matter: Luckily liquids can be screened cleanly again!

  • Find a stable, elongated object.
  • Carefully but forcefully push the cork into the bottle.

When you have finally reached your destination and can enjoy your wine, it doesn't matter how the cork came out of the bottle neck. The main thing is that it tastes good!

Incidentally, if the cork is in ruins and you want to close the bottle again later, there are plenty of alternatives to do so.

Tips & Tricks Wine with a screw cap doesn't always have to be "cheap drink". In the meantime, prominent winemakers are also relying on the practical lid, which is particularly suitable for wine bottles that should not be stored for a long time but should be drunk quickly.