Losing weight for two: 10 important tips for couples to finally make it work!

You want to lose weight in pairs? Our tips and tricks will help you tackle the diet successfully!

In a partnership, you go through thick and thin together. Of course, figuratively speaking. If both partners are dissatisfied with their figure or want to lose weight for health reasons, it is a nice thing to lose weight together. Tips for couples willing to diet make the plan easier, because men and women have different calorie consumption, different fat burning and often different eating habits.

The motivation is considerably stronger when both partners lose weight together because they encourage each other. In a pack of two, you simply have more discipline. The big challenge of a couple diet is not to stick to the weight loss program, but rather to be ready to respond to the subtle differences between the two people who want to lose weight.
You can find out how this works in practice in our 10 best tips for losing weight for couples:

Tip no. 1: Set different weight loss goals and calorie limits!

You want to lose weight successfully together? Just because you want to start a diet with your significant other doesn't mean you both have to follow the same eating plan. That means in plain language: Eating together, yes, but not necessarily the same diet menu. Men and women have different levels of energy consumption. A man's daily calorie requirement is usually significantly higher than that of a woman - calculate your calorie requirement. Depending on the target weight, everyone has to set up their own, individually tailored diet plan.

Calorie requirement calculator: What is your daily calorie requirement?

Tip no. 2: Admit your little weaknesses

If you want to lose weight as a duo, your partner becomes a coach - and vice versa. In order to avoid the little sins from the outset, honestly confess to your partner which temptations you absolutely cannot resist: chocolate, cake, chips, gummy bears... On the one hand, your partner can prevent you from eating at all (or too much) of the "forbidden ". On the other hand, you could trust each other with the keys to your candy / chip hiding places.

Tip no. 3: Make a pact!

With a pact you enter into a binding commitment. The same rules apply to both of you. Losing weight together is a matter of trust. Hence the tip: stay honest with yourself and your partner and don't try to cover up any slip-ups. If you both stick together and talk about your weaknesses, the joint weight loss adventure can also have a positive effect on your relationship.

Tip no. 4: Motivate each other with rewards

No effort without a reward. This saying also applies if you lose weight together. Tip no. 4 is therefore dedicated to the reward - or vice versa: the "punishment ". What is meant is the bonus-malus principle as it is used in modern management. The method is very effective and works like this:
> Bonus: As soon as you have achieved the given goal, you will treat yourself to a reward that will please both of you. For example a romantic weekend in a wellness hotel.
> Malus: The first person to commit a small sin has to deposit an item that is particularly dear to him as a deposit and only gets it back when the rule violation has been ironed out.
Caution: The pawn must really have a high sentimental value and mean a waiver for the person concerned (otherwise the game is not fun!).

Tip no. 5: Change your eating habits

Men and women have different eating habits. Without fueling the stereotypes, women tend to eat more varied and smaller amounts than men. But this habit also has a major disadvantage: women are more easily seduced into snacking uncontrollably in between: chocolate, cake, sweets...

Both of you should try to rebalance your eating habits. A good resolution is enough:

  • The following applies to women: Try to consume more complex carbohydrates in your meals so that you are full longer and avoid cravings.
  • The following applies to men: increase your consumption of fruit and vegetables

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Tip no. 6: Shop together

With so many temptations, it is extremely risky to go shopping alone, especially when you are hungry. It is possible that one or the other calorie bomb will slip into your shopping cart at the last minute. Together you can better resist the stimulus!

Tip no. 7: Cook light dishes together

Use the couple diet to think about your preferences and tastes. Start by cooking tasty and light dishes. The best dishes for this are fish, poultry, tofu and lots of vegetables. Cooking together can develop into a great hobby together.

Tip no. 8: Spends a lot of time together

The absence of the partner can trigger a lack, even an inner emptiness. In lonely moments, many people console themselves with frustrated snacks: A bag of sweets or chips fill the emotional space that the missing partner should actually take up. If you can't always see each other for personal or professional reasons, try to stay in contact at least often: A quick phone call or a message are often enough to escape the loneliness trap.

Tip no. 9: Do sports together

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Go out into the fresh air as often as possible to do sports together: Nordic walking, inline skating, cycling, jogging, playing tennis... Working out together in the gym or taking a dance class for couples are also good ways to keep fit while having fun. It is important that you stimulate the circulation once a day.

Sport for couples: this is how training together improves your fitness and your relationship!

Tip no. 10: No jealousy of the other's successes

Think again briefly of tip no. 1: Everyone has their own diet goal!
It makes no sense to envy one another's successes in weight loss and to see the common diet as a competition. You are not a competitor and should not become lean against each other, but with each other! From a purely biological point of view, a man simply has better qualifications to dismantle the lifebuoys.
Why? Because he has more muscle mass and a woman's body fat percentage is higher than that of a man. The fat mass is on average 18-25% in women, but only 10-15% in men. Don't let this difference discourage you, after all, bust and hips are your female trump cards. And with a little patience, you can get rid of the fat in the problem areas!

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