Install the sewage lifting system only for the washing machine

It is not uncommon for the washing machine to be the only source of wastewater in the basement of a private house. Therefore there is no central wastewater lifting plant to which the device can be connected. If the dirty water is not to be collected in a container and laboriously emptied, a small pump system can help.

The system requires complex piping

In most private houses and in new buildings, if necessary, there is a central sewage lifting plant anyway. If a washing machine is installed in an old building or in another special case lower than the backflow level of the building, a small wastewater lifting system must be installed.

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The functional principle of the small system is identical to that of a larger system. The wastewater must be pumped up, from where it can be drained into the house drain. However, there are a few properties that must be observed that specifically depend on the type of wastewater and the circulation system:

  • Only gray water without faeces comes out of the washing machine. Accordingly, a lifting system for type 2 according to DIN EN 12050 can be selected
  • The waste water from the washing machine has temperatures of up to sixty degrees Celsius, for which the system and, above all, connections and seals must be designed
  • The maximum distances specified by the manufacturer of the devices involved when connecting and laying the waste water hose must be observed
  • When extending the waste water hose of the washing machine, the same parameters regarding incline, slope and pump output of the washing machine must be observed as when laying with a direct drain
  • The centrifugal pump in the lifting system must be able to transport particle sizes that are not filtered out by the washing machine's lint filter (usually up to eight millimeters) without damage
  • The small sewage system needs the same circulation circuit as a large system. A vent, a supply line with a suitable cross-section to the main drainage pipe and a backflow loop (minimum length thirty centimeters)
  • In most cases, the reflux level is above the basement ceiling. It is almost never possible to avoid a double opening in the ceiling to mount the reflux loop.
Tips & Tricks Since you cannot avoid the installation work of the piping, ideally you should think about whether you choose a sewage lifting plant with a perspective. With optionally available further connection options, you open up later installations of a wash basin or a cellar shower. If you have a toilet in mind, you must select a type 1 lifting system.