Lay the sewage pipe in the wall

Sewer pipes are not necessarily an eye-catcher in the home. If you have the option to hide them in the plaster or later behind tiles, you should do so. We'll tell you what to look out for.

How do you go about it??

First, check whether the walls behind which your pipes are to disappear are suitable for laying sewage. Lightweight walls or load-bearing walls are only suitable to a limited extent. If in doubt, ask a structural engineer.

If laying is not a problem, draw two parallel lines along the wall. Note that the sewer pipe must have a gradient of at least 1% so that the sewage can also drain away.

Lay the pipes and any bends as shown in the drawing. Then carry out a leak test. If everything is in order, it can be plastered and tiled.

Tips & Tricks The recess should be about 10 centimeters larger than required so that there is enough space for the plaster.