General education queen: 6 tips to improve your knowledge

From the recruitment test to a conversation at a family celebration - a broad general education is useful in many situations. You can easily improve it with our tips and our quiz.

You want to improve your general knowledge in areas like history, art, music or science? Want to be able to have a say in discussions about current social issues? Or you will soon have a job interview in which general knowledge is asked?

Do not worry. Even if the goal of having a good general education seems unattainable with all the information and facts: Even with small measures you can quickly acquire new general knowledge.

We have put together six tips for you. A certain routine is important with all tips. So using them one afternoon won't get you anywhere. Instead, take half an hour to an hour each morning or evening to improve your general knowledge.

You don't even know what your general knowledge is like? You can check your current status in our test below..

Bad general education? This is how you talk about strengths and weaknesses in the interview

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1. Improve general knowledge through reading

This tip is almost too obvious to write down: if you want to gain knowledge about a topic, read about it. But what exactly is best for improving your general knowledge - books, magazines or newspapers?
If you often feel that you cannot have a say in conversations at family celebrations, you should focus primarily on daily newspapers and magazines. There you will gain knowledge about current topics from areas such as politics, culture or sport. If you prefer to read on a screen, you can also take out an online subscription. These are often cheaper. You can also save by taking advantage of the offers at your local library.
If you want to dig deeper into certain topics - either from the above or other areas - you should read books. If you don't have the money to buy new titles all the time, you can go to flea markets, use the "used " option from Amazon or a library card. E-books that you can read on devices like Tolino or Kindle are often cheaper than the print versions.
You can order "The great book of general education " here on Amazon.

Desire for more reading? Then here are 10 must-read books for you!

2. Improve general knowledge with the help of audiobooks and podcasts

You don't like reading at all? Then there are certainly podcasts or audio books on the topics that interest you. Whether while cooking or on the way to work - just let yourself be showered with knowledge on the side.
You can buy audio books individually, but you can also listen to them with a subscription from providers such as Spotify or Audible. You can also find podcasts on Spotify, but also on Soundcloud, iTunes and the individual websites of the providers.

3. Improve general knowledge with the help of apps

Improving general knowledge on the go also works with special knowledge apps. An example is "getucated ". The app, which costs around 7 euros, consists of a knowledge matrix, a quiz and the option to upgrade the app to a state-certified distance learning course "Studium Generale " (around 70 euros).

In the basic program you have access to knowledge from eight subject areas over six historical epochs. The short text sections are illustrated with 500 pictures.
With other knowledge apps, however, playful learning is in the foreground. "Knowledge training. The quiz, for example, saves your game progress and adapts to your performance.

4th. Improve general knowledge with the help of games

Learning alone is boring? Then you can improve your general knowledge by playing board games. The possibilities start with the classic card quiz, range over Trivial Pursuit to very modern games such as "Know-it-all", which can be customized depending on age and performance thanks to the associated app.
You can order the game "Alleswisser " here on Amazon.

5. Improve general knowledge through conversations

You can also improve your general knowledge by talking to friends and colleagues. You may not be able to have a say and will probably have to "come out " as far as your general knowledge is concerned. But if you would just change the subject or look for a different social environment, you would simply pass up this opportunity to improve your general knowledge.

Since we can usually better remember knowledge associated with emotions, it may even be that this way of improving your general knowledge is particularly effective for you. Because unlike a dry non-fiction book, you can also find out the opinion of your friends or colleagues during conversations.
Perhaps you can even make a habit of meeting someone for coffee once a week who you know you can learn a lot from?

6th. Improve general knowledge while watching TV

Much like the podcast, watching TV is a more passive way of improving your general knowledge. After a strenuous day at work, you can watch documentaries, news programs or talk shows, for example, and learn something without much effort.
Quiz shows like "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?"?"or real-life movies will help you improve your general knowledge. The popular TED Talks are less time-consuming but at least as informative. These are short presentations that are made available on a website of the TED innovation conference. The content ranges from feminism and digitization to the topic of "How trees talk to each other ".

Take the test: How good is your general education?