Everyday mask over the surgical mask: Does that really help?

Surgical masks as corona protection are now mandatory, but many combine them with a fabric mask for additional protection. Does that really do anything? We clarify.

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Video by Esther Pistorius

The everyday masks made of fabric, which most of us have relied on since the beginning of the corona pandemic, are no longer allowed. Anyone who wants to go shopping or use public transport must wear an FFP2 mask or a surgical mask.
Again and again you see people wearing a cloth mask over their surgical mask. The reason: The surgical masks should not sit tight enough on the face, whereby smallest particles can flow out and escape at the edges.
An additional fabric mask should therefore close these gaps. But really brings this double protection something? Or is the superfluous as additional protection?
In the video: so trides and cleans the FFP2 masks correctly

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Video by Esther Pistorius