Beautify old exposed aggregate concrete slabs in different ways

Exposed aggregate concrete slabs met the taste of many people in the 1960s and 1970s. Today the enthusiasm has clearly decreased and many people are thinking about embellishing the characteristic structure and appearance. The possibilities range from turning the panels over to completely filling the structure to cladding.

Working up the shine

When you think of exposed aggregate concrete slabs, you usually think of the coarse pebble stone designs with grain sizes of eight to 16 millimeters. Depending on the choice of stone, in most cases normal river gravel, the textures meander over the surfaces in shades of gray and black. Old washing concrete surfaces mostly have lost every shine.

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If the washing concrete optics are to be obtained, the thorough cleaning of the plates and the subsequent processing with a wire brush and steel wool can restore the gloss. A high pressure washer removes dirt films and greening. The individual pebbles can be scratched, which makes the absence of shine. With a fine wire brush and household steel wool, as used for cleaning cookware, the pebble surfaces can be smooth again. The total effect depends on the thoroughness of the elaborate work.

The surface "Embark "

A common alternative is to "make the exposed aggregate concrete" invisible by filling the cavities and creating a flat surface by plastering the exposed aggregate concrete slabs. With a conventional plaster structure and, if necessary, additional lime mortar as a filler, the exposed aggregate concrete surface can be turned into any decorative plaster surface.

Smooth plaster enables the exposed aggregate concrete slabs to be painted afterwards. An alternative is to paint the exposed aggregate concrete directly without plastering it beforehand. With synthetic resins or garage floor coatings, thick layers of paint can be applied, which can be pepped up with additional fillers such as small colored stones, mica or sand.

Turn around or dress up

If the aggregate concrete slab condition permits, turning over floor slabs in particular is a viable option in some cases. The mostly smooth backs can then be refined like smooth concrete surfaces. Since washing concrete slabs drill, a dressing with plastic or wood is well possible. Wooden planks can be mounted on stilt systems that assign the function as a fastened and invisible underground to the washing concrete.

Tips & Tricks If, for example, from a path of washed concrete slabs, remove any second plate in the carouster and sow jewelry or moss crowds on the free surfaces, the remaining plates receive a completely new optical effect.