Remove old cork floor clean

If, instead of the cork floor, another flooring should adorn the rooms, you must first make yourself to remove the old cork floor first. How you can proceed and how it's easiest, read here.

Floating prefabricated parquet made of cork or cork tiles

A floor covering made of cork parquet is usually laid floating and not glued at all. It is easy to remove after removing the baseboards. But it looks different with fully glued cork tiles.

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Here you have to neutralize the power of the adhesive - you have two means of doing this: either a normal household blow dryer to heat the adhesive strongly and thus dissolve it, or special solvents. Then you can lift off the individual tiles with a wide spatula.

Step by step remove the old cork floor

  • Solvent for cork glue
  • hairdryer
  • wide spatula
  • possibly. also strong air hammer

1. Expose the floor and check the surface

First, remove the baseboards. Then check how durable the covering is and how tough the adhesive is.

Try warming up with the strong hair dryer and check whether the cork covering can be removed this way. If not, you can still try a solvent.

2. Use solvent correctly

Before using solvents, make sure that the rooms in which you want to use a solvent are really well ventilated. Also ensure permanent ventilation during use.

As an alternative, you can possibly also use a powerful pneumatic hammer, which you can usually rent cheaply, including a suitable blade. Strong devices usually get along well with the tough cork adhesives.

3. Remove glue residue and prepare the floor

Before you apply a new floor covering, it is essential that you sand down the sub-floor carefully in order to completely remove all adhesive residue. It is often necessary to level the floor afterwards.

Tips & Tricks Always try the "gentle" methods first before you move on with heavy equipment - removal with a hairdryer and spatula is often quite problem-free.