Aluminum foil in the dishwasher helps against rust film

A simple home remedy for rust film that can affect cutlery in the dishwasher is aluminum foil. Due to its slight oxidation it "binds " all fine rust particles. However, it cannot do anything against inferior cutlery and advanced rust in the machine.

Remove coarse rust sources

If you find that flash rust is developing in your dishwasher, the first thing to do is to find the source of the rust. Chipped areas on the casing of the dishwasher baskets are a typical rust factor. In the affected areas where the dishwasher basket rusts, the metal should be sanded bright and resealed.

To use aluminum foil against rust film, you should form a ball about three centimeters in diameter. Alternatively, you can fold the aluminum foil into an elongated strip. The less shiny side must face outwards.

Place the aluminum foil in the cutlery basket and leave it there during the wash cycles. If the aluminum foil begins to turn dark, replace it.