At the fly screen, the Velcro does not hold on the frame anymore

A velcro viewed under the magnifying glass or a microscope shows how the fluff and hook tape connect mechanically. Check mark on the side of the hook tape are waiting for the loops of the valley band. When meeting "Vangen " you and make up. Wear and dirt can disturb and the Velcro does not hold anymore.

The plant of the same name has made the principle known

Velcro bands are known especially in garments and shoes. The cracks and curling surfaces make up to each other. The holding force is enough to hold relatively easy material such as a fly screen or fabric of textiles. In the case of a strong train, the connection dissolves again.

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According to the renowned manufacturer Tesa, five square centimeters of Velcro can carry loads of up to 15 kilograms. When pulling it off by hand, a correspondingly higher amount of energy has to be expended. A fly screen can be easily attached with Velcro.

The hook tape

There are strips with small barbs in an even arrangement on the hook tape. Seen up close, the individual strips look like curved street lamps. The strips are semi-rigid and can bend.

The loop tape

The loop tape is the "chaot " of the two antagonists. Countless small loops are attached irregularly. The mini loops lie on the strips and "hook" each other randomly. Single and multiple hooks are distributed over the surface.

Possible malfunctions when stopping at the frame

As with any mechanical process, the following details are possible that may hinder hooking:

  • Loops are torn
  • Hooks are broken off, torn off or broken
  • Stripes have lowered diagonally and "laid down "
  • The spaces between the strips are full of dirt
  • The loops stick through dirt and form reduced loops

In addition to cleaning with a brush (a toothbrush is ideal), stroking against the grain can straighten the stripes that have been laid down. A comb will help. Any greasy and sticky dirt can be "massaged out" with conventional washing-up liquid.

Tips & Tricks If you want to know more about the condition of your loop and hook tape, get yourself a magnifying glass with a magnification of six to eight times. If you discover more than about a third of the damaged loops and / or strips and hooks, replace the Velcro.