Calculate the square meters on a wall

For renovation work of all kinds, it is essential to calculate the area of a wall in square meters. In addition to the mostly rectangular floor area, which results from the multiplication of height and width, recesses and conditions must be observed. The amount of a craftsman does not contain with counted so-called overeases.

Surface-dependent purchasing or order

Both for the purchase of materials such as color, wallpaper, wood panels and other tools and wall coverings as well as for cost estimates of a craftsman, wall surfaces are often the basic size.

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When walls are edited, several material requirement sizes and quantities depend on the wall surfaces:

  • colour
  • primer
  • Abrasive
  • Wallpaper
  • Panels or boards
  • plates

On most commercially available containers, the fertility is specified in square meters.

Room dimensions and calculation methods

A rectangular room is made up of four side walls, two of which have the same basic dimensions (height x width).

The individual wall through window or door have a smaller area. The individually taken dimensions are to be deducted.

In the case of a sloping ceiling and thus the upper edge of the wall, the calculation is as follows:

1. Base area on the lower height side x width
2. Difference in height between lower and higher side x width
3. Halve the area result
4th. Add the area and the halved result

Layers of paint multiply the area values

While the determined square meter shows the material requirement one to one when doubling up and wallpapering, when painting per square meter of wall another variable has to be taken into account.

Wall paint is ideally applied in several thin layers. The area factor is therefore multiplied by a multiple of the number of strokes. The more intense and darker a wall paint should be, the more layers are recommended. When buying, you should pay attention to the relevance of the manufacturer's information on square meters.

Apart from a calculated reserve of at least twenty percent, strong colors should be multiplied by at least a factor of 1.5. Another influencing factor is the wall's suction strength. In the case of highly absorbent substrates, a higher multiplication factor of 2.5 should be assumed for the material calculation.

Tips & Tricks If you want to measure a lot of walls and rooms, we recommend a laser measuring device as a practical tool. The handheld devices, which have now become inexpensive, save you time and ladders.