Asian flair in the bedroom: it's so easy to build a DIY bedside lamp yourself

For this real eye-catcher in your bedroom you only need a little material and a few simple steps - the trendy item is already on your bedside table.

Give your bedchamber the right glow and build a Japanese-style bedside lamp yourself quickly and easily!
The self-designed bedside lamp impresses with its simple beauty, clear shapes and the cool material mix of thin Japanese paper and wood. In addition, the ingenious DIY lamp can also be created by hobbyists in just a few steps and makes every bedside table unique in no time at all.

The simple light source with its airy, light exterior ensures rich light throughout the room. To round off the bedside table look, real Asia fans can also drape Kokeshis, small Japanese figures, next to the lamp.

Instructions for your DIY bedside lamp

Together with the creative blog Heimatbaum and Etsy, we present you the simple instructions for an ingenious DIY bedside lamp.

You need:

  • stable, natural paper from approx. 80 g / m² (available in the craft shop)
  • flat, round wooden disc (e.g.B. a breakfast board)
  • three wooden knitting needles of the same length
  • Lampshade ring with a diameter of 20cm
  • Lamp holder with cable and switch
  • drilling machine
  • Wood glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Circle
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • pen
  • paste

That's how it works:
Draw a circle with the compass, the outer line of which is approx. 1.5 cm from the edge. Then use a drill to drill three holes the same distance as the knitting needles in the wooden board. Then use a very large drill or a milling attachment to drill the hole in the middle for the lamp holder.
The hole should not be larger than the diameter of the lamp holder so that it does not slip. Finally, file the holes smooth with sandpaper so that no chips stick out.
Important: Always wear protective goggles when drilling!

Now place the disc on a flat surface, dip the knitting needles in the wood glue and insert them into the three holes. While the glue dries, always press the knitting needles slightly outwards so that the legs are slightly inclined later - this ensures a more stable stand.

When the wooden sticks are firmly seated on the plate, spread glue around the hole in the middle of the wooden surface and place the inner ring of the metal frame on it so that the metal hoop is below the wooden plate when the lamp is standing - otherwise you will see the wooden disc later.

After the glue has dried, thread the socket through the hole. To fix the lamp socket, simply spread some hot glue all around between the wood and the socket.

Now cut the paper so that it can be placed around the metal ring and it overlaps by about 1 cm. The height of the lampshade can be customized, but it should be remembered that there is still a light bulb in the socket, which should not be seen if possible.
Where the paper overlaps, apply a generous amount of paste and press the two ends of the paper together.

After the glue has dried, put the paper umbrella over the metal ring. Ideally, it was glued so perfectly that the paper holds by itself and does not slide down. If this should happen anyway, a ring of hot glue should be attached inside the paper screen, which then serves as a hold. Finally just attach the lightbulb - the DIY bedside lamp is ready!

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