Structure of the attic

The structure of an attic is inextricably linked to the roof. In addition to the seams of the cover, the inner valley, where the roof and the parapet meet, is a neuralgic point. A transitional lehl attachment must prevent the entrance of water permanently and continuously continue the insulation.

Overlapping fastening and insulating parts

When an Attica is elevated, it represents an extension of the underlying outer wall. On the inside, either the location or the muteading occurs during a gable roof. The flat roof is a rectangular throat.

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If an Attica is built as a roof border, the junction must be constructed durable and transitionless. For example, with the flat roof on a flat roof garage, a bitumen attachment is continued "around the corner ". The same is done with a vapor barrier and all other structural parts present in the roof structure.

Height distance of the overlap to the roof level

In the case of a gable roof, the fastenings and foils located under the roof must be "extended " on the eaves when building the parapet. Glued or welded foils are used in almost all cases. Depending on the type of roof, the height of the overlap must be created.

If the parapet is placed as masonry on a flat roof, the roof's ground fastening (earth, gravel) must be mounted from the overlap above its surface level. On flat roofs with a pitch of up to five percent, ten centimeters should be maintained, with larger pitches at least five centimeters overhang in relation to the floor fastening of the roof.

Construction of the parapet and drainage

Irrigation should be planned depending on the type of roof. The following factors in the structure influence drainage:

  • Slope or inclination of the parapet crown (at least three percent)
  • Profile shape of a cover
  • The cover protrudes on both sides as a drip nose
  • Construction of a drain pipe through the attic (roof spout)
  • When connecting to a gable roof, laying rain gutters (direction of inclination)

If an attic is used as a parapet on a flat roof that can be walked on (roof garden or similar), it must have a height of ninety centimeters as a fall protection.

The other dimensions of the parapet depend on the dimensions of the roof. As a rule of thumb, the thickness of the load-bearing masonry under the parapet can be used as a guide.

Tips & Tricks In addition to the bitumen sheeting (€ 13.99 at Amazon *) and sealing foils, fillet fastenings are statically stabilized by overlapping sheet metal angles.