Selection in abundance: Herringbone parquet made of oak

The characterful drawing and texture of the oak wood combines very decoratively with the herringbone pattern as parquet. Graduations from calm-looking, subtle surfaces to very lively and visually dominating textures can be created from herringbone oak, depending on your personal taste.

"Real " wood with a wide range of colors

Many viewers describe the wood of the oak as very "authentic ". It often fulfills the classic image of being "woody" with its distinctive grain, annual ring drawings and natural color gradients. With the herringbone pattern, oak can show off its individual optics well.

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Of the over two hundred types of oak, up to twenty are suitable for parquet production. Untreated, shades of light brown with or without yellowish punctures and medium brown surfaces with or without a gray component are possible. With the red oak, all color nuances can appear with a reddish tinge. The bog oak has a black effect similar to the anthracite.

The herringbone parquet made of smoked oak creates a dark optical image. The colors range from very dark, rich brown to almost black-looking surfaces. Smoked oak is rarely chosen as herringbone parquet because the laying pattern takes a back seat. Only the lightest variants of the dark brown color do not "swallow " the herringbone pattern.

Note parquet thickness and sorting

Due to the hardness and abrasion resistance of oak, massive herringbone parquets ten millimeters thick can be sanded down and resealed several times. The low installation height often saves the laborious shortening of door leaves and is well suited for laying on underfloor heating.

So-called rustic grades are among the cheapest herringbone parquets in oak. They have a high degree of knot inclusions and irregular color and grain gradients. The "more rustic" the sorting, the larger the individual bar dimensions should be selected.

Tips & Tricks The prices for solid or two-layer herringbone parquet made of oak are not very far apart. Solid oak increases the lifespan of the parquet by many years or even decades.