Office fashion 1x1: This is what matters when it comes to business outfits

Business casual means that I can wear jeans at work? And sneakers are ok? In the large styling guide, we take a close look at office fashion.

First things first: Which clothing suits your job depends on the dress code that prevails in your company. It can be called either 'Business Casual ‘or ' Business Formal ‘. In many jobs there is no fixed dress code. So how you dress for the office is up to you. However, there are a few unwritten laws regarding clothing for the office. We'll tell you what the dos and don'ts of office fashion are.

What does the dress code 'Business Formal ' mean for my outfit??

In many industries, such as banking, the 'Business Formal ‘dress code prevails. The job outfit should be as elegant and serious as possible. Office looks with a knee-length dress, blouse-skirt combination, suit or trouser suit with blouse and chic business shoes go well with the dress code.
The pumps are very classic, they look classy and are great to combine. But there are also flat business shoes that match the 'business formal dress code '. These include, for example, patent leather lace-ups (available here at Amazon) or leather loafers.

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What does 'Business Casual ' mean?

If the dress code is 'Business Casual ', office fashion may be more casual. But that doesn't mean that worn jeans and worn-out sneakers have free entry into the office - the look still has to be chic. Make sure that your outfit looks neat. Wrinkles, spots or moth holes are real no-gos.

Tip: If you are unsure about the dress code in the company on your first day in your new job, you can ask the secretary, for example. So you play it safe!

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What to wear in the office? Business looks to be re-styled

You think business looks are always plain and boring? Then click through the gallery! We have collected the most beautiful office outfits from the fashion bloggers.

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Business casual: which clothes are suitable for the office?

While the business formal dress code is quite clear and easy to understand, the business casual dress code is a lot more vague. Are jeans ok? And if so, there may also be holes in it? How long does the skirt have to be and what about sneakers in the office??
To create clarity, let's go through the pieces in your closet step by step. In this way you can find out which items of clothing you can wear in the office and where you still have problems with office fashion.

Can I wear jeans in the office??

Whether jeans are okay in the office depends very much on the corporate culture. If there is a very strict dress code, as is common in banks or insurance companies, you should better avoid wearing jeans. Instead, go for suit trousers, a pencil skirt or culottes.
If the dress code is business casual, jeans, on the other hand, are perfectly fine - if they look neat. Make sure the pants don't look too battered. If your company has a free choice of outfits or maybe you even work in the creative industry, then you can also wear stylish destroyed jeans or skinny jeans if you combine them for the office, for example with chic shoes, blouse and blazer.

> There are office-grade jeans here on Amazon.

Which tops fit in the office?

Blouses are an integral part of office fashion, be it a classic white blouse, wrap blouse or tunic. While subtle and muted colors such as white, pastel tones or black are appropriate for the business formal dress code, the blouse for business casual clothing can be more colorful.
Very important: The blouse should not be cut too low, see-through or too tight. And: under light blouses, be sure to wear a skin-colored bra (shop here at Amazon) so that it does not flash through. Also make sure that the blouse is not too tight, otherwise the buttons over the chest will pop open unattractively.
While blouses are always a good choice for the office, tops with thin straps usually show too much skin and are not appropriate for many jobs. Especially in more serious industries, shoulders should always be covered, even in summer.

It always has to be a blazer?

If your company has a strict business formal dress code, then blazers are a must. The business casual dress code is seen a little more casual. Blazers don't necessarily have to be, but they are a real secret trick to make even sporty outfits with shirts and sneakers immediately more serious and more suitable for business. If the classically cut, tailored blazers are too conservative for you, then go for a more casual cut in the trendy boyfriend style.
The best styling tips for the blazer and which blazer fits which figure can be found here!

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Business shoes: which ones go well with my outfit?

If the dress code in the office business formal, Sneaker unfortunately remain outside. A flat and much fancy alternative are lace-up shoes made of smooth or patent leather. They are a stylish eye-catcher and fit well to the trouser suit. Also great business shoes that still save the feet: the Klaschische Loafers. Ballerinas also fit well with the business outfit, if they are not tapping.
High-heeled sandals are not so happy at the dress code 'Business Formal ', better are closed shoes like pumps. Lace models not only look chest, they are also real figurine swivel and let the legs have a long time.
Tricks against foot pain: Which high heels are convenient?

How short should the skirt be in the office?

Skirts are an airy alternative to business pants or noble jeans with rising temperatures - if they are long enough. Mini-skirts may be popular with some colleagues, but they look unprofessional.