Make your own bathroom decoration

Do it Yourself is not only a good thing for savings purposes and anti-consumerism. When it comes to home decoration, home-made things also promote an individual atmosphere and a very personal sense of well-being. Here are a few ideas for decorating the bathroom.

Make bathroom decorations yourself

Decoration should not be missing in a bathroom that is not only understood as a sober washing area, but also as a place of relaxation and wellness. If you have made it yourself, it gives the room a very personal, unmistakable style and fills you with a little pride every time you look at it. Manufacturing can also be a fulfilling, creativity-enhancing activity that also costs little money. So there are good reasons to lend a hand yourself.

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In order to let the self-made decoration in the bathroom look particularly good, it is advisable to choose a consistent theme. On the one hand, this provides a basis for ideas for individual decorative objects and, on the other hand, exudes a strong atmospheric character in the room. Topics that go well in the bathroom are, for example:

  • sea
  • Plant oasis

And here topic-specific design suggestions:

A fresh breeze through maritime decoration

The maritime is particularly popular as a decorative theme in the bathroom. With associations of the sea and the coast, you can put your bath directly on the beach. In addition, the topic offers an incredibly diverse range of motifs for self-made decoration.


A very decorative and versatile motif is of course the shell. Real collected mussels from the last vacation are also completely insensitive to the moisture in the bathroom. Placed loosely on the windowsill or the edge of the bathtub, particularly decorative specimens can have a great effect.

Wooden pictures

In addition, you can also make three-dimensional wall pictures with real materials from the coast: simply stick shells on a wooden board that is glazed blue to protect against moisture, paste the surfaces and bread them with sand and perhaps attach small decorative fishing nets made of cotton hanging with nails. To prevent the sand from trickling off, fix it with hairspray. If you are artistically gifted, you can also paint wooden boards with acrylic paints, for example with lighthouse, sailing ship and seagull motifs.

Sand candle

Also effective, easy to make and an incredibly atmospheric light source for a bubble bath: fill an old mason jar with sand and shells and place a candle in it!

Plant oasis

You can also conjure up a little paradise garden out of your bathroom.

Creative plant containers

With real plants (choose varieties that love high humidity) you can literally liven up the room and put it in the limelight by placing them in creative, self-made containers. For example, wooden boxes screwed to the wall or hanging baskets made of raffia are interesting.


To create a romantic garden atmosphere, you can also cover mirror or picture frames with mosaic stones yourself.

Stones and shards of pottery

Glass containers filled with collected or purchased colored pebbles also go well with green plants. Pottery shards from broken plates can also be effectively staged with the garden theme: for example, wrapped in wire as a garland on the outer wall of the shower cubicle or shaped into balls with mortar (7.79 € at Amazon *).