Install bathroom fan yourself

Badly ventilated bathrooms or those without windows not only have an odor problem, they are often the cause of mold in the bathroom. A bathroom fan can ensure sufficient air exchange and solve the problem.

How to proceed?

You can replace your old bathroom fan or install a bathroom fan at a later date if your bathroom does not yet have one. Ventilation ducts are preinstalled for this in some bathrooms. Installation is then possible without any problems.

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If this is not the case, a core drilling must first be made through the masonry. This is problematic with some facades and should, if possible, be carried out by a specialist company. In the case of rental houses, the landlord's consent is also required.

Finding the right size

Before buying, make sure that you have the correct flow rate of the fan, which is calculated according to the size of the room and the air change per hour.

Use of the area Number of air changes per hour Delivery rate of bathroom fan
Toilet 4 to 9 m² 5 - 9 90 - 200 m³ / h
Bath shower 8 to 12 m² 5 - 9 90 - 150 m³ / h

Preparatory work

You can get bathroom fans complete with all built-in parts ready for connection at the hardware store. In principle, all installation work is similar, so we will only go into the most important steps here. Therefore, read the specific instructions of the manufacturer again before installation.

Before installing a bathroom fan, the following preparatory work is required:

  • Make wall or ceiling openings according to the bathroom ventilator selected
  • Insert and seal the protective sleeve
  • Lay any exhaust air hose
  • Prepare electrical connection

How to install your bathroom fan

1. First insert the back wall of the bathroom fan and fix it with the supplied clips.
2. The power connection is now made. There are corresponding terminals on the housing for this purpose. Conveniently, the connection should be connected to the light switch so that the bathroom fan is activated together with the light.
3. Insert the fan and fix it to the rear wall.
4th. Now attach the outer housing with screws and dowels. It contains the movable slats that only open when switched on. When switched off, they are closed.

Tips & Tricks If your bathroom fan is connected to the light switch, we recommend installing a follow-up relay. This ensures that the fan continues to run to a certain extent when leaving the bathroom area.