Bathroom renovation from a single source

There comes a time for every bathroom when a thorough bathroom renovation is required. Tiles and fittings show signs of use. The steam caused mold to form in the window cheeks and the dropped bottle left a deep dent on the floor.
You can do this bathroom renovation yourself, but the work that needs to be done quickly becomes complex and requires time and expertise. Even if you are a versatile craftsman, it is therefore worthwhile in many cases to hire a craftsman. We recommend the one-stop service where you don't have to take care of every trade yourself and are also responsible for coordinating the work.
How do you go about bathroom renovation from a single source?

Step 1: visual inspection and plan changes

Take a look at your bathroom and write down an inventory of damage to the tiles, faded paintwork, defects in the water and sewage system and electrical system.
But also consider whether you want to tackle small-scale changes and embellishments on this occasion.
Summarize all of these details, including suggestions and requests from all family members. This is how you develop your complex renovation plan.
Now set a focus. Usually this lies either in the tile renovation or in the sanitary technology.

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Step 2: agreements and offers

Depending on your focus, invite two to three tilers or plumbers to assess the work required. When you make an appointment, ask whether this craftsman will undertake a complete renovation. Plumbers, electricians, painters, tilers, etc. know each other in every place. each other from their construction sites and complement each other.
During the on-site tour, the craftsmen invited will give you lots of useful tips. Let us now prepare a complete offer for all work to be carried out. This means that you only have one contact person and only one contractual partner who is responsible for warranty claims.
What now follows is your decision about the cheapest and not cheapest offer as well as personal sympathy with the craftsman who will put your bathroom back into an oasis of well-being.