Bathroom renovation: advice

A bathroom renovation can be a significant investment. But it can produce excellent results even with limited financial resources. In any case, a thorough approach is crucial so that wrong decisions do not lead to additional work and expenses. The way you renovate your bathroom should bring you joy for many years to come. You should therefore approach your bathroom renovation with caution.

Step 1: the inventory

Many furnishings, such as the worn washbasin or the bathtub with a leak in the enamel, naturally have to be replaced. Your tiles, which exude the charm of earlier decades, should also give way to a new decor. Your bathroom also includes connections such as hot and cold water, the sewage pipe and an electrical system. You should continue to use these items as long as they are undamaged.

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So sketch your bathroom on a piece of paper and draw in all of these connections. The specialist can later decide on further use.

Step 2: the planning

Perhaps you have seen your dream bathroom on vacation or elsewhere, which you now want to implement in the bathroom renovation. You limit yourself unnecessarily. Take your sketch to a bathroom studio and seek advice - you will be amazed at the wealth of options

  • Wall and floor tiles,
  • functional sanitary ware,
  • Decision about bathtub, whirlpool, shower, toilet, bidet,
  • electric underfloor heating,
  • decorative lighting
  • and towel radiators.

These bathroom consultants are based on current trends and meet you at the optimal point of the bathroom solution. Let us make you an offer for the entire scope, because bathroom studios also offer all handicraft services.

Step 3: placing the order

When you have designed your dream bathroom in this way, put your ideas on paper again and ask for two or three more offers from tiling companies. Almost every one of these companies works with partner companies and offers bathroom renovation as a complete service including sanitary technology and electrical installation. However, do not use the text of your bathroom advisor's offer for this. This would be unfair and besides - your tiler may have other ideas? He knows countless useful and decorative functions in the bathroom from his daily work.
Then the order is placed and the decision about your savings potential follows. If you are skilled in the art and renovate your bathroom, you can save different amounts of money. Discuss this in-house work with your preferred company before placing the order. Your savings can be particularly lucrative in:

  • Dismantling of the old sanitary facility
  • Chipping off the tiles and creating solid substrates
  • New laying of the tiles
  • Work on laying the pipes in consultation with the installer
  • dto. Cable laying for electrical installation
  • Completion of the bathroom technology, please only carry out auxiliary work.

Step 4: the renovation work

We have just mentioned the scope of your possible personal contributions. Discuss the sequence of this work with the tiler, the plumber and the electrician. These craftsmen have to meet the performance specifications of their boss and are dependent on your punctual input.
But there is also work that you should not or should not do yourself. also not allowed with the electrics.

If you want to lay the water pipes yourself, the installer will surely suggest a composite pipe with pressing technology. As an accomplished do-it-yourselfer, this work will be easy for you with initial guidance. However, after completion, have the installer carry out a visual and pressure test.

When it comes to the electrical system, you must observe the protection areas and have the old system checked beforehand. You should therefore limit your own work, e.g. B. on the installation of a suspended ceiling and the laying of cables for stylish spotlighting. Under no circumstances should you install electric underfloor heating yourself.

Additional note: Don't be bogged down in the hardware store piecemeal when renovating your bathroom. Many components would not match each other in terms of appearance or technology. You will also be amazed at the material prices of a contracted company. In addition, if you are self-directed, you will deny almost all guarantee claims and a guarantee anyway.

With a professionally competent partner at your side, you will make your bathroom renovation a success.