balcony parapet - prescribed height

The balcony parapet not only serves to visually close the balcony, it is primarily intended to ensure safety. Therefore, the balcony parapet must be sufficiently high to protect the safety of balcony guests as well as to meet the requirements of the building regulations in the individual federal states.

State building regulations stipulate the height of the balcony parapet

There is a minimum height for the balcony parapet, which is stipulated throughout Germany at 80 centimeters. Unfortunately, this minimum amount does not apply in the end because the state building regulations in most federal states prescribe a different amount.

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While most federal states prescribe a height of 90 centimeters in their state building regulations if the fall height is less than twelve meters. Other federal states, such as Lower Saxony, already write one meter.

  • below twelve meters, usually 90 centimeters
  • however, some federal states require a height of 100 centimeters
  • over twelve meters fall height often even 110 centimeters

Height of fall

If the height of the fall is more than twelve meters, most federal states require a balcony parapet of at least 1.10 meters. The parapet height always applies from the finished floor of the balcony.

If, for example, a new wooden floor is installed on the balcony, this measure can be slightly small by about five centimeters than originally provided for construction.

The definition of the crash height also offers new space for problems. Basically, the height of the balcony brick finally also belongs to the fall height. So a particularly high balcony railing can increase the fall height additionally.

safety first

The simplest variant, to ensure all conditions, is a balcony brick, which has a height of 1.10 meters. This parapet height is the highest prescribed, so you are always on the safe side. If you're afraid to include too much of the prospect, the surfaces between the supports are glazed. Just a balcony brick made of stainless steel with a glazing is very modern today and practically at the same time.

Tips & Tricks If there are children in the household, you should not build in ornate balcony parapets or railings. Wrought iron loops and decorations should be taboo. Then the parapet can be so high that the children could climb up on it and still fall.