Balcony railing - these prices and costs await you

A balcony railing must have a certain height. But it has to be safe and solid at the same time. While stainless steel is easy to care for and lasts for many years, wood, for example, has to be treated more frequently. Here are a few examples to show you the prices that the different materials used as balcony railings cause.

Height of the railing

Many system railings, which are offered as a complete set or particularly inexpensive, are only 80 centimeters high. Nowadays this is almost no longer permitted anywhere and is therefore actually too low. Always buy balcony railings that are at least 1.00 meter high. If the balcony has a fall height of more than twelve meters, a height of 1.10 meters should be purchased.

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The distances between the individual planks or struts are also important. Similar to a banister, these must not be as far apart today as they were in earlier times. The rule is that a baby's head must not fit through. Therefore, distances between twelve and 16 centimeters are common. The wooden parapets, which only have two transversely attached planks, are actually no longer permitted.

Material selection regulates the price

The easier to care for, more durable and more labor-saving a balcony railing, the higher the price that you have to pay per meter. So you can orientate yourself a little on this rough guide. Here the different materials in descending order according to the price. The full glass variant cannot be implemented on every balcony.

  • Safety glass without annoying posts or brackets
  • Stainless steel with glass
  • stainless steel
  • Brick or clinker brick
  • steel
  • Wood
  • plastic

Price examples

Depending on the quality, our price examples are really just examples. For example, with the stainless steel balcony railing, better quality can cost three times as much as the simple variant. A glazed stainless steel railing often has quite thin glass at a low price, which is also easily scratched.

Stainless steel railing

Element with post 1.50 x 1.00 meters - 150.00 EUR
Additional element 0.50 x 1.00 meters - EUR 60.00

Stainless steel with glazing

System made of VS glass and stainless steel frame 1.00 x 1.00 meters - 100.00 EUR
Additional elements 0.50 x 1.00 meters - EUR 65.00

System railing made of steel

Basic element 1.50 x 0.80 meters - 110.00 EUR
Corner / extension element 0.50 x 0.80 meters - 45.00 EUR

System railing made of steel

Basic element 1.20 x 1.10 meters - EUR 125.00
Additional element 0.60 x 1.10 meters - 70.00 EUR
Additional element 0.45 x 1.10 meters - EUR 50.00

Wooden balcony railing

Complete set for balcony 3.00 x 1.50 meters - 150.00 EUR

Wooden balcony railing

Post with bracket 1.00 meter high - EUR 12.00
Plank with screws 2.50 meters long - EUR 20.00

Noble and stylish raises the price

The more modern and noble the balcony railings are in their design, the higher the price. Particularly ornate designs such as Art Nouveau elements are therefore always significantly more expensive. Be careful with overly fancy decors, however. Often you get tired of it very quickly and then don't like the railing anymore.

Monument protection

Typically, you cannot attach a stainless steel railing to a listed property. In many cases, a hand-forged iron railing is required here. Since the elements were mostly painted in the past, a lot can be provided with cheaper steel railings. In any case, you should first speak to the monument protection office before replacing a railing.

Meter prices for balcony railings

Since the prices differ so widely and of course hardly two balconies are actually the same size, here is an overview of the respective price ranges per meter for the different materials. The large span is partly due to the different heights of the railings.

So you can estimate how expensive your own railing will actually be before you decide on a material. Of course, particularly elegant designs can even top our highest price.

  • Wood with two planks from 20.00 to 60.00 EUR
  • Steel railing from 35.00 to 75.00 EUR
  • Hot-dip galvanized steel railings from 40.00 to 90.00 EUR
  • Stainless steel railing from 70.00 to 150.00 EUR
  • Stainless steel combined with glass from 90.00 to 200.00 EUR
  • All-glass balustrade from 180.00 EUR
Tips & Tricks The quality differences between stainless steel railings and glazed stainless steel railings are extremely extreme. Many a railing sets in light flash rust after just a few months, although it is supposed to be made of stainless steel.Therefore, pay attention to the smallest hints when receiving the railing and only buy from a reputable dealer who has been around for a long time. So you can be more certain that it still exists if you want to make a complaint.