Balcony railing with glass and stainless steel - here the prices

In many cases, balcony railings made of stainless steel with a filling made of safety glass have replaced the wooden balcony railings. This is mainly due to their resistance to the weather. In addition, a glazed balcony front naturally lets much more light into the living room. However, the prices vary a lot, which is mostly due to the quality.

Avoid cheap offers

Who hasn't seen them too, the mailboxes or illuminated house numbers made of supposed stainless steel that are happily rusting to and fro. The differences in quality with a stainless steel railing can be similar.

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There are complete sets online that not only deliver inferior metal for less than 200 euros for a three-meter-long balcony parapet. On closer inspection, the alleged glass is also just a plastic sheet, which soon turns yellow and becomes brittle. Therefore, a little research is required if a really cheap and high-quality balcony railing is to be purchased.

Recognize clues

Stainless steel coatings and thin glass are indications of inferior quality. You should also pay attention to the weight of the stainless steel elements. The glass should of course be laminated safety glass, something else is actually not allowed with real glass. The thickness of the VS glass should be at least eight millimeters.

Example prices for balcony railings with stainless steel and glass

Handrail 42 millimeters in diameter
Post 38 mm in diameter
Total height 900 millimeters
VS safety glass 8 mm thick
per meter 160 EUR

Handrail 42 millimeters in diameter
Post 42 mm in diameter
Total height 800 millimeters
VS safety glass, thickness 12 millimeters
EUR 345 per meter

Handrail 42 millimeters in diameter
Post 45 mm in diameter
Total height 900 millimeters
VS safety glass, thickness 16 millimeters
EUR 780 per meter

Tinted glass

Milky or tinted glass usually costs an extra charge. In the best-case scenario, for example, for opaque glass eight millimeters thick, this is 25 to 35 euros per running meter of safety glass. However, this glass is often the nicer choice to block out foreign insights.

Tips & Tricks If you want to use a balcony railing made of stainless steel and glass for a renovation, you should first ask the structural engineer. Due to the glass and some high-quality stainless steel pillars, the balcony railing can be significantly heavier than your old railing. In this case, plastic filling is perhaps better than VS glass.