Unhook the balcony door - this is how it works in 3 steps

If you want to unhook the balcony door, you must first see what type of fitting it is. Most simple balcony doors that are equipped with a turn / tilt fitting can be hung up just like a comparable window. However, only unhook the window sash if you know how to hang it back in, unless you want to completely remove the balcony door.

1. Prepare tools

Check the top of the door frame to see what tools you need. Some systems only require an Allen key, while others require needle-nose pliers or even a small hammer in addition to the appropriate screwdriver. Keep all of these tools within easy reach.

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2. Unhook the system at the top

The turn / tilt hinge must first be loosened. Keep all screws and connections in a safe place. If parts cannot be moved, you will need a little WD40 from the spray bottle. You have to let this oil work for a short time, then you can loosen the screws without ruining the screw head.

3. Open the side hinges

First the top hinge should be opened. The different systems have built-in different safeguards so that the hinge does not fall apart by itself. Take a good look at the hinge and see if there is a split pin or a screwed connection there. It may only be necessary to pull a long pin up or down out of the hinge.

When you have disassembled the hinge at the top, you can do the same procedure for the bottom hinge and simply pull the door panel away.

Tips & Tricks Never do this job alone. It can always happen that something slips out of your hand or the door is heavier than expected. A second pair of hands is safer there.