Balcony door does not stay closed - this is how the door holds again

Over time, the springs and hinges on doors and windows will wear off a little. The balcony door then no longer stays closed, even if you have pulled it up well. If you want to prevent the door from being open while you are on the balcony, the cause must first be found. The door may only have to be adjusted.

Check recess and spring

With some older doors, there is no catch at all to hold the door shut. Then a snap device would have to be installed later. However, tenants should ask for permission beforehand before screwing anything on the door.

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Otherwise, it must first be checked whether there is possibly a stone or some other reason why the spring does not engage in the recess that usually keeps a balcony door closed. If there is no foreign body here and both elements are apparently in order, then in most cases the door will only have to be adjusted.

Adjust the door

There are small screws inside the door hinges that can be turned either with a small screwdriver or, in other cases, with a small Allen key. You usually have to try something out, as it is difficult to see beforehand in which direction the door has just moved.

Tips & Tricks Do not replace the hinges on windows and doors in a rented apartment on your own. If the element is then damaged, the costs remain with you. In the end, a professional is often the cheaper choice. In the case of listed buildings, always note that normally no externally visible changes may be made.