Balcony door defective - what to do?

A balcony door can break on various elements. If part of the fitting is unhooked or even broken, the entire door often has to be replaced because the fittings are often no longer available after years. We'll show you right here what still needs to be done with what damage to the balcony door.

High loads lead to wear

Due to the double function of turning and tilting in combination with the relatively high weight for a window, the fittings have to withstand a lot. For a long time, a balcony door was nothing more than a floor-to-ceiling window and used to be built with the same hinges and fittings.

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Over time it can happen that the balcony door is difficult to open or close at first. If it is then not regularly adjusted and maintained, the fitting will soon break or hang out.

Identify problem

The first question that arises with a defective balcony door is the age of the door. If this has been in place for well over ten years, it will usually be difficult to find suitable fittings and hinges. A door that is over twenty years old should no longer be repaired, as it is also a problem from an energetic point of view.

If the fittings no longer exist, old-style carpenters often offer to equip the door with new fittings. Ask about the costs beforehand, as it is rarely worth it.

Question for problem solving

  • Age of the door?
  • State of the art?
  • Which hinge or which fitting is to blame for the defect?
  • Hinge broken or just unhooked?
  • Still to get hold of it?
Tips & Tricks Unfortunately, you can rarely only replace the door leaf, but often even have to remove the frame to get a functional door. The only consolation is that with a completely new balcony door you usually heat considerably less energy out of the door.