Balcony door - costs and prices

A balcony door can already be bought very cheaply. However, there are significant differences in the prices for balcony doors, which mostly have to do with the quality of the door. From around 150 euros you can get a balcony door without installation today. We'll show you right here whether these prices really offer a reasonable door.

The choice of material is a question of price

The most obvious differences in the price of a balcony door are in the choice of material. Plastic doors are usually very cheap, while doors with an aluminum frame can cost three times as much.

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Wooden doors for balcony access are sometimes already cheap. However, if the door is to meet monument protection requirements or if it is to be adapted to existing doors and windows, a custom-made product is usually required.

Entry prices

There are also cheaper prices online. On closer inspection, however, it is often not a question of balcony doors at all, but of fixed elements that cannot be opened. If the door is to be bought over the Internet, it is therefore important to check carefully what functions the balcony door actually has.

  • Plastic door 100 x 210 centimeters - from 150.00 EUR
  • Wooden door 90 x 200 centimeters - from 200.00 EUR
  • Aluminum door with wooden core 90 x 200 centimeters - from 300 EUR

Features and glazing

The balcony door is cheaper if it does not have a tilt function. Glazing also has a significant impact on the price of a door. In addition, cross struts and skylights are decisive for the costs that a balcony door causes.

Tips & Tricks Even if this may not be necessary today, think carefully about whether the balcony door should also be locked from the outside later.