Balcony door - hinges galore

Hardly anything is as confusing as the different hinges for balcony doors. For decades, every manufacturer has really developed and discarded its own hinges. Even hinges from the same manufacturer can be built completely differently. We show here how you can still replace a defective hinge.

Determine facts

First of all, one should delve into the inner workings of the door. With a little luck you will still find information about the manufacturer and, above all, the model year. If the hinge cannot be removed until there is a new hinge, it should be photographed carefully from all sides.

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Local artisans

If you can't find what you are looking for in the hardware store for this particular hinge, you should take your pictures to the local carpenters and window makers. Often they still have hinges that really aren't available anywhere else.

Discarded windows and balcony doors

Many of these local handicraft businesses have removed old windows and balcony doors from other customers that you can take away. The right hinge for your balcony door may also be available here.

Recycling yards and companies

Old balcony doors can also be found in many recycling yards. Most of the time, however, the operators do not like it when private individuals walk around on their premises. With a little diplomacy and friendliness, you will often achieve your goal more easily than with money.

All options at a glance:

  • Find out the manufacturer
  • Photograph or remove the hinge
  • Hardware store
  • local artisans
  • decommissioned balcony doors
  • Recycling yard

Matching hinges are missing

If all efforts are unsuccessful, you do not necessarily have to replace the balcony door. This is usually the cheaper option, but not always the easiest when it comes to dirt and modifications.

An old balcony door can often be fitted with entirely new hinges and straps by an experienced carpenter. A specialist sees at first glance which system from a manufacturer offers the ideal and easily adaptable solution for this purpose.

Tips & Tricks Do not remove the hinge until you have either a new one or a way to safely close the door without the hinge. Otherwise, if a burglar gets into the house through this door, there may be problems with the insurance.