Replace balcony door handle - this is how it works

It can happen that the handle of the balcony door no longer works, i.e. totally jams or goes crazy. Then it's time to change it, the mechanism is broken. You don't have to call a handyman to do this job.

Replace balcony door handle

To see where the problem with the balcony door handle is, you need to remove the door handle first. Then you can see if you need to buy a new mechanism or if the handle itself is broken.

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You need:

  • a Phillips screwdriver
  • a flat-bladed screwdriver
  • Possibly. a drill (€ 48.00 at Amazon *) with drill

Remove the door handle

The door handle is usually screwed into place. The screw sits under a plastic cap. Remove the cap, loosen the screw and pull off the handle.

Remove gear lock

Once the handle is removed you can see the lock. If parts are loose, you know that the lock is really broken. If everything is solid, you should clean and oil the transmission as best you can, and it may work again.

You remove the gearbox by loosening all the screws that hold the linkage and the lock in the door. Use a screwdriver to pry out the lock and linkage. Caution: You only want to change the lock, i.e. the gearbox, not the linkage. Therefore, when you loosen the lock from the rod, be careful not to bend the latter.

Find the right replacement transmission

It is best if you pack the gearbox and go to the nearest hardware store. you will surely find suitable replacement there. Alternatively, you can also look for the manufacturer on the gearbox and search for a suitable part on the Internet.

Install lock

When installing the door handle, proceed as when removing it, but in reverse order. It is important that the gearbox is set to "open" as it was when it was removed.

Alternatively: replace the pull handle

The balcony often has a pull handle on the outside. This can break off, but can be replaced very quickly because it is not connected to the gearbox. Usually these pull handles are attached with a clip, so they are pulled off a base plate and pushed back on.