Bamboo parquet over underfloor heating?

Basically, bamboo parquet can also be laid on underfloor heating - that is, on the heated screed - but with some restrictions. You can read here what they are and how they succeed.

The most important requirements for bamboo parquet on underfloor heating

Laying bamboo parquet is basically only possible on hot water underfloor heating. With electric heaters, the maximum temperatures for which bamboo parquet is suitable are often and clearly exceeded - such a combination is therefore technically not allowed at all.

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Floating installation is also not technically possible, as the floating installation creates air cushions that greatly reduce the heat transfer between the heated screed and the floor covering. This not only reduces the heat output of the heating system, but also increases energy consumption. In addition, bamboo parquet on underfloor heating is only possible if it is fully glued.

The right conditions for laying

Installation may only be carried out on heated screed that is completely ready for covering after the heating phase has ended. A CM measurement must definitely show the full document maturity of the screed. When laying, the screed must be completely cooled. Without heating, the room temperature during laying must be definitely between 18 and 20 ° C, the humidity should be around 55%. A laying in unheated rooms in winter is not possible, and the biggest summer heat you should avoid here.

A renewed heating may only be carried out in slow steps at the earliest 2 weeks after laying - otherwise the ground could be damaged. After gluing, however, a short intermediate heat can be considered - but that should always be decided on site and individually by those skilled in the art.

Tips & Tricks If you plan your heating system, take into account as much as possible the planned floor coverings in the individual rooms. Both the dimensioning of the heating system and its control behavior depend not insignificantly on the floor coverings on the heated screed. Alternative coverings such as bamboo parquet are quite possible - but only if the heating system and the type of underfloor heating are suitable.