Bamboo flooring: the inexpensive option without any loss of quality

Bamboo parquet not only looks classy, it is also environmentally friendly and - depending on the design - relatively easy to lay. The material is so exotic that many think the price is barely affordable. But bamboo flooring doesn't have to be particularly expensive!

Which is the cheapest bamboo flooring?

The bamboo plant is characterized by its rapid growth, which is why it is a particularly sustainable raw material. The price for the bamboo flooring depends on how the material is preprocessed and how thick it is. The cheapest alternative is raw parquet, but there are a few other materials in addition to the purchase price. And of course there is more work involved in laying raw bamboo parquet.

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Project example: Laying raw parquet made of bamboo

For a price of around 20 to 25 euros per square meter, you can get an inexpensive raw bamboo flooring that you usually have to glue to the floor. In comparison, prefinished parquet with a click system costs around 40 euros per square meter. After the glue has set, sand the floor and fill the joints with grout and sanding dust. You can then seal the bamboo flooring with oil. You can save a lot of money with these steps that are necessary when using raw parquet, but you should include the costs of the materials!

Cost overview price bamboo flooring (raw) 22 EUR per sqm
2.Adhesive, 7 liters (consumption 1 liter per square meter) 55 EUR
3.Joint filler 12 EUR per tube
4th.high quality oil for wood treatment for 5 liters 100 EUR
total for 20 sqm 838 EUR

Save costs when laying

For this project, it's especially worth doing the work yourself. Due to the many individual work steps, professional laying costs at least the same as the material. Have a good step-by-step guide handy!