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Bamboo is in the Asian room of the most common construction and material. From the wood The grass is almost everything stuffed and constructed, which comes around around a house. In Europe, Bamboo increasingly spreads and as a bamboo parquet, the wood fulfills all the requirements and optical claims that should have a parquet.

Light, hard and fast

The bamboo parquet is a very hard and thus resistant material despite the low material weight. Both as a veneer on carrier plates as well as massive version is produced bamboo parquet. In the hardness bamboo surpasses the oak around a quarter and the reaction to temperature is around half as strong.

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Botanically, the bamboo plant is classified not as a tree, but as a grass. It grows faster than any tree wood and the woody trunk can be processed into bamboo parquet after just five years. This results in moderate prices for the material and a good ecological balance of sustainability.

Four basic patterns and strip parquet

Bamboo parquet is made from the cylindrically shaped bamboo tube, which is given a grain direction by its fibers. The two basic shades of light brown and natural light form the elements of the bamboo flooring both vertically and horizontally.

The usual processing form for bamboo parquet is strip parquet. As with other wood products, solid industrial parquet consists of upright lamellas. Since the diameter of the bamboo trunks is smaller than that of trees, bamboo parquet is always glued from bars, which also applies to the wear layer with multi-layer parquet.

Current offers

Solid bamboo parquet
Brightly lacquered, can only be laid floating bamboo EUR 26.90 / sqm
Industrial parquet brown 10 mm 32.80 EUR / sqm
Multi-layer bamboo parquet
2-layer natural brown wear layer 4 mm 41.80 EUR / sqm
3-layer click parquet 46.90 EUR / sqm

Prices according to order quantity

Many providers stagger their price offers for bamboo flooring according to the purchase quantity in square meters. The price groups are usually divided into up to twenty square meters, up to eighty square meters and quantities above.

Further information on the topic:

Tips & Tricks Bamboo has no electrical conductivity and therefore does not develop any electrostatic charge that could attract dust. In addition, bamboo parquet is also suitable for underfloor heating.