Build your own bamboo fence

Bamboo as a building material is incredibly decorative and also advantageous from a functional point of view. The astonishing robustness with the warm, elegant look makes the sweet grass also ideally suited for fence constructions in the open air. A whole range of design options are available.

Why it is worth building a bamboo fence yourself

DYS is very popular for a reason - the overused consumer culture makes doing it yourself more and more necessary. Both financially and ideally. This also applies if you want a bamboo fence. Building it yourself is cheaper and leaves much more individual design freedom.

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You can get bamboo sticks in various thicknesses in specialist shops at relatively low prices. If necessary, you can also supply yourself with bamboo completely or partly free of charge. If you or a plant lover friend of yours grows bamboo in the garden, you can also harvest your building material directly - but then it has to dry for about 8-12 weeks before it can be processed.

What kind of bamboo fence do you want to build?

In theory, there are infinite ways to use bamboo to create a beautiful fence. Here are two suggestions:

  • Privacy bamboo fence
  • Rank bamboo fence

Bamboo fence as a privacy screen

A mat-like construction made of bamboo sticks can serve as a privacy screen to the neighbors and at the same time as an atmospheric source of atmosphere. To do this, you need thin bamboo sticks and a few stronger stakes, which are best made of bamboo for an all-round Far Eastern image. However, you usually have to buy such giant bamboo tubes.

The vertically positioned bamboo poles, ideally embedded in concrete foundations, are slit on the inside and the thin bamboo sticks are inserted horizontally and stacked tightly on top of each other. Insert the thinner, upper end of the growth of the rods, sometimes on the right and sometimes on the left, so that the construction is even. The upper end can be formed by a cross beam made of a giant bamboo tube that is cut in half lengthways and that is screwed to the vertical posts with a perforated metal strip.

Rank bamboo fence

If you want to build a stable and characterful trellis for a climbing plant, you can also use bamboo for it. Bamboo is particularly suitable as a building material for free-standing, separating fence elements. A very Japanese flair exudes a grid-like, bundled bamboo poles that are screwed to two outer giant bamboo poles with perforated tape and simply knotted together with weather-resistant tape.