Basalt gravel is decorative filling material at a good price

Basalt gravel shines above all because of its decorative optical character - also in the truest sense of the word. Its dark and anthracite-colored grains are often used as decorative gravel. Medium grain sizes are also used as an aggregate in asphalt production.

Decorative aspects

Unlike the granite gravel available at a similar price, basalt gravel comprises a wide range of gray to black color gradations. Together with the slight sheen effect from mica and quartz components, grain groups can be combined in many different forms.

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In addition to the possibility of creating contrasts through grains with relatively strong brightness and color deviations, slight color gradations can create elegant gravel optics. Basalt gravel and, if necessary, basalt scraps are also a popular choice for gabion filling.

Functional aspects

Basalt gravel is also used in the sieved state as an aggregate for concrete and asphalt. It is often used in public spaces for the renaturation and fortification of bodies of water such as streams, springs or ponds.

If frost-resistant bedding layers are required, washed basalt gravel is an alternative. For this purpose, grit and gravel mixtures are often produced, which range in size from eight to 64 millimeters. The sufficient proportion of coarse grains creates the frost resistance and, if necessary, the suitability for use as drainage gravel.

That's how much basalt gravel costs
1 ton of basalt gravel (grain size 16-32 mm) as bulk material approx. 30 EUR
1 ton of basalt gravel (grain size 0-32 mm) as bulk material approx. 28 EUR
1 ton of basalt gravel (grain size 0-45 mm) as bulk material approx. 20 EUR
1 ton of black basalt gravel (grain size 31.5-63 mm) as bulk material approx. 60 EUR
1 ton of coarse basalt gravel (grain size 60-130 mm) approx. 62 EUR
Tips & Tricks Especially if you want to use basalt gravel as a frost protection layer, as with granite gravel, there is no need to obtain a water protection permit, as is necessary with recycled gravel. Recycled basalt gravel can be an inexpensive alternative.