This is how you build a sink into a countertop

You have a new worktop for the kitchen and now want to install the sink? No problem, even for laypeople, with our instructions, which will tell you what you need and how it works.

How to build a sink in the countertop

At the beginning you collect the necessary tools and resources:

  • Silicone with gun
  • paint
  • two goats
  • Folding rule and pencil
  • Drill (€ 48.00 at Amazon *) or cordless screwdriver with 10 mm drill
  • a jigsaw
  • some sandpaper
  • brush
  • Possibly. Hole punch

1. Mark the position

You have already measured where the sink should be on the worktop. Now place the sink upside down on the worktop. Find the contour afterwards.

Now you need more lines within the outline, because you shouldn't cut the hole for the sink so large that it falls through. The sink should be about 1 cm on the edge, which means that you transfer the contour of the basin by 1 cm inwards.

Tips & Tricks Place tape on the worktop where you want the line to run. This allows you to see the pencil line better, and the material tears out less when sawing.

2. Saw out the hole

Drill a hole through the plate in the corners of the marked lines. There you insert the jigsaw. You can also use it to saw the corners more easily.

Attention: A jigsaw tears the fibers of the worktop upwards - that's why you stuck adhesive tape over the cutting lines. The cut is very professional if you saw from below. But that takes a little practice.

3. Protect edges

In many cases, the inside of a worktop is made of chipboard. When you have sawed out the hole, the chips are exposed. Protect this inner edge from water penetration by painting it. This also makes sense with a solid wood worktop.

Before painting, break the edges a little with sandpaper so that they are no longer as sharp.

4th. Install fittings

Before you attach the sink to the countertop, install the faucets. To do this, the sink must have a hole - you can buy or borrow a hole punch, but you can also ask the hardware store whether the hole will be punched for you quickly.

5. Insert the sink

Once the tap is attached, stick sealing tape under the edge of the sink, insert the sink and fasten it (usually with brackets from below). Then draw a silicone seam around the sink so that no water can run underneath.