Farmer is looking for a wife: Nasty sexism shocks the audience

Horse trainer Reiner is looking for great love at "Bauer sucht Frau International ". But he is mainly outraged by behavior below the belt.

A dating show on German reality TV without sexism is as likely as a ticket inspection in the subway if you have bought a ticket.
Nevertheless, a farmer in the current season of "Bauer sucht Frau International " caused a lot of outrage among the viewers due to his misogynistic demeanor.
If you still remember the unfaithful farmer Michael from last season, then let me tell you: Horse trainer Reiner (59) from Hungary is going one better this year.

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Macho sayings when you first get to know each other

Farmer Reiner claims that he is looking for real love in "Bauer sucht Frau ". But his behavior is less a source of real feelings and more of a tremendous horror - especially among the TV audience.
The 59-year-old stands out from the start with his tactless sayings towards women. Regarding the figure of his potential dream woman, he explains: "The partner shouldn't roll around, it just doesn't go down so well."
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In addition, Reiner makes it clear right from the start what a woman is really about for him. personality? intelligence? joke? No: a nice butt. Quite unabashedly, he stares at the women only on the other side and comments on them non-stop.
The horse manager also seems to have specific ideas about the distribution of tasks on the farm. And he makes this particularly clear when he forces his visitors to clean while he watches and gives instructions.