Cotton Plaster with color delete

An old friendly or polluted cotton plaster can be overlooked with color. In practice, however, some disadvantages accompany this type of processing. The textile liquid wallpaper sucks very strongly and consumes for a uniform coverage about the three-fold color quantity of other substrates. The later we remove harder.

How color behaves on cotton fibers

If old cotton plaster should be spread, the refresher, a color change or contamination is the common reasons. However, colors prevent the moisture-regulating properties of the wall and ceiling coating.

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The breathable textile material is sealed by paint. Due to the strong absorption capacity of the cotton fibers, the liquid wallpaper takes large amounts of color, which additionally reinforces the seal. The high amount of color may lead to an increase in self-weight or cancellation, which includes the risk of detachment from the underground.

An overlined cotton plaster can no longer be removed by simply watering. A "open " cotton plaster without overshading is simply walled and removed with a spatula from the underground. He can be restarted, mixed and processed again.

Alternatives to paint

In addition to removing, optionally recycling and reuse, or the application of a fresh new plaster is also a direct order of another layer plaster possible. Special manufacturers such as Sajade offer short, medium and long-term cotton plasters that lead to a large selection and bandwidth when redesigning the cotton plaster.

Before applying by spraying, the existing cotton plaster is slightly moistened. A mechanical cleaning with brush and vacuum cleaner is enough for preparation.

The application of cotton plaster on old cotton plaster is even easier than on other surfaces. There are also positive characteristics that amplify:

  • The admission volume of air and room moisture increases
  • Heat insulating effect rises
  • Soundproofing improves
Tips & Tricks You can avoid the color scheme of a recycled cotton plaster with color particles from the specialized trade and effective accessories such as threads, mica and platelets and redesign. If you are not found in the hardware store and building materials trading, research in the art needs trading and theater and scene finishes.