Construction foam: what price?

Construction foam or PU foam is often used in large quantities, especially when building houses. In this article, you will find out in detail which prices you have to calculate for which foam and what price differences there are for construction foam.

General prices

In general, you have to differentiate between fairly simple assembly foams and somewhat more expensive construction foam or insulating foam. Simpler products are priced at around EUR 6 - 7 per 500 ml. This also applies to many assembly foams such as those used for frames.

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Higher-quality assembly foams, construction and insulation foams are priced at around 10 - 12 EUR per 400 - 500 ml. Since the container sizes are mostly different, slight deviations are also possible here. As a rule, a guide price of around EUR 18-20 per liter can be assumed, with a few products costing around EUR 13-15 per liter.

2-component construction foam

Construction foam is available as a 1K product or as a 2K product. The differences here are of a technical nature and lie in the processing and handling of the foams. In terms of price, there are generally no price differences between products as one-component products and those as two-component products.

High-speed foams

Especially with the frame foams, there are also so-called high-speed foams. They harden particularly quickly. Such products are also often used for tub supports and shower tray supports. Here, too, the prices are in the same range as for the other types of construction foam.

Price advantage when purchasing larger quantities

Even if larger quantities are bought - packs of 4 or 12 are often common - the prices are usually only slightly cheaper. Taking off a larger amount is actually only worthwhile if you also need larger amounts.

Disposal costs

Construction foam cans must not be disposed of with normal household waste. Remnants of construction foam should not be disposed of there either. They are classified as hazardous waste.

In many cases, small numbers of empty cans are accepted and disposed of free of charge by hardware stores and dealers. Regional waste management companies also often offer free disposal of smaller quantities.

For larger quantities, you can contact the manufacturer of the product and arrange a free pick-up of the empty containers. In most cases this works without any problems, and many manufacturers can also be reached free of charge via international freecall numbers. There are therefore no costs for the disposal of empty containers.

Tips & Tricks Always make sure that you use the right construction foam for the right purpose and always pre-wet the joint with 1K foams. You do not need to do this with 2K construction foam, it does not need moisture to harden.