Structural steel bending - this is how it works

Structural steel must be able to withstand high compressive and tensile forces after it has been processed. The structural steel must therefore never be bent several times or even sharply bent at an acute angle. We'll show you what else is important right here.

Redirect forces - no constrictions

The steel is weakened if it is tilted too sharply. The deflection forces must be transferred into the concrete. If the structural steel bars are constricted or weakened, cracks can occur on the outside of the steel.

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Follow principles when bending

If structural steel or reinforcing steel is to be bent properly, whereby its static properties must not be lost, certain rules must always be observed. The structural steel must not be bent back once it has been bent.

It is absolutely forbidden to bend structural or reinforcing steel multiple times, as this would then tend to break more easily and thus no longer be able to absorb any forces.

Step by step bending of structural steel

  • Structural steel
  • Pliers
  • hammer
  • vice
  • Slats

1. Determine the angle beforehand

Since the building steel may not be bent back later, you should first sign up and plan how much the bow or the angle must be.

If you need to make many right angles in reinforcing or building steel, you should craft angle of slats around which they bend around the rods.

2. Carry out bending process

The most important point when bending Baustahl is the bending process. This must happen in a slow train without interruption. There must be no smoked no smoked on the building steel. Therefore, it is helpful when using a template as described with slats.

So you can better perform the bending process in a slip and the steel later retains its supporting effect in concrete. We bent the steel only a little back, he may later be burdened to 80 percent later.

In order to bend reinforcing steel properly, certain principles must therefore be adhered to.

Tips & Tricks There are various simple mechanical bending machines, but for a one-off application such a purchase is certainly not worthwhile for reasons of cost.But if you have to bend structural steel more often or in the semi-professional field, these bending pliers or bending machine can be of great help.