Disabled Lift - Return Mobility

Handicapped persons can often no longer get into the upper floors of the house. Worse, of course, if the apartment is at a higher floor, then one is trapped as a handicapped correctly in his apartment. A disabled lift not only brings back the mobility, but also a high level of quality of life.

Planning and decisions

Before a disabled lift can be installed, different decisions must be made. Basically, it has to be clarified whether there should be a complete elevator, or if it may only be installed a stairlift. For small height differences there are also the so-called platform lift.

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A fully handicapped lift must be sufficiently large to record a wheelchair. But that's not all, because under certain circumstances must be turned within the cabin with the wheelchair.

Schedule shunting areas

There are exact guidelines for the various wheelchairs, how big the area must be in front of a lift, so that with the wheelchair can be conveniently turned. In addition, the elevator may not open directly opposite a staircase. A minimum distance of three meters must be planned here. Otherwise the stair access must be securely locked.

If the elevator is not a through-loading system, i.e. the car door opens on the next floor on the opposite side, then there must also be a way to turn the wheelchair inside the elevator.

Help with planning

It is important to involve a specialist in the planning right from the start. He not only knows the exact dimensions that are necessary for the elevator cabin. For example, the permissible size of the interior also depends on the weight of the elevator. The specialist can help you to comply with all legal requirements meticulously.

Because, especially with a lift for the disabled, the rules and standards are diverse and difficult to understand for the layperson. However, if they are not complied with, there are no promotions and on the other, the elevator could even be shut down.

Different types of handicapped recipients

  • Vertical retraction - feasible as cabin lift or with partially open cabin - inside and outside
  • Snail lift - mostly realized as a stairlift with seat or platform
  • Platform lift - for bridging small heights up to about 250 centimeters

Dwomile possibility outdoor area

In a detached house it is not always possible to install a full-fledged handicapped lift. Here is the place mostly enough for a normal smaller lift. Then you should think about whether the elevator can not be attached to the building.

Tips & Tricks Get information about promotions and grants at an early stage. The first way is the health insurance or the nursing care insurance if a disabled lift is planned. Various other institutions could also be available for a grant. For example, Kfw-Bank gives some free loans for these purposes.