When she was born she only weighed 340 grams - now she is allowed to go home!

Nobody believed that the premature baby would survive. But her parents never gave up hope.

When she was born on 9. March 2017 Ariana Sophia Cruz-Gutierrez weighed just 340 grams. She was born in the Anne Arundel Medical Center in Maryland, USA, and spent four long months in the baby intensive care unit. Her parents, Oscar Gutierrez and Claudia Cruz, had to fear for the life of their daughter.

During her pregnancy, Mama Claudia had extremely high blood pressure. During a regular doctor's appointment about halfway through the pregnancy, the doctor found that Claudia suffered from gestational hypertension, which was so threatening for the woman that they decided to induce the birth very early.

Ariana's chances of survival were extremely slim

Ariana wasn't breathing when she was born, but her parents wanted to fight for her and decided to keep her alive. This determination was not easy for her, because it was probably the hardest time of her life. The doctors declared the couple how low Ariana's chances of survival.

But today it is the best decision that Oscar and Claudia have ever liked. Because the beginning of the month the two were allowed to take the little Ariana with home. And the baby enters the story, as the smallest surviving early, which ever was born in this hospital.

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"She is a very special baby "

"She was our smallest survivor ", so dr. Suzanna beef, the head of the baby intensive care unit. "They weighed just 340 grams and even lost even more than 100 grams in the meantime. It was a long, heavy way for you, but she has a great future in front of him."

Today Ariana weighs over 2.200 grams - still a lot easier than the average newborn - and has to go to the hospital regularly for follow-up examinations. Whether you will spend permanently physical or neurological damage due to your early birth, the doctors can only say about 18 months with certainty.

"We are very happy that Ariana can finally be home home," says Dr. beef. "She is a very special baby and no one here she will ever forget."