There is a large selection when buying roof tiles

If you want to buy roof tiles, you have a large selection of materials, shapes and looks. The manufacturers of the different products offer a measurement service that enables both financial and visual calculations.

Buy classic

When the decision to buy roof tiles has been made, the first question arises with the choice of material. Often the personal taste is decisive, as all types of roof tiles are adapted to almost all structural conditions of the roof.

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The conventional roof tiles are made of cement, concrete or clay. They require a stable substructure and should be installed by a specialist company. The range of classics ranges from Frankfurt pans to concrete blocks and fiber cement products, with special stones such as end and ridge stones making up a significant proportion of the total price when purchased.

Inexpensive sheet metal or plastic

Metal roof tiles are made of sheet steel with trapezoidal, corrugated or brick-shaped profiles. Customers buy the inexpensive products in sheet metal form, with a single plate usually covering around one and a half square meters of space. The accessories such as end and eaves sheets are also inexpensive and the roofing is also possible for experienced laypeople.

For smaller roofs such as carports or garden sheds, plastic roof tiles are another option. When buying roof tiles made of this material, the durability, which can usually be read from the factory warranty, is decisive. For normal roofs of residential buildings, roof tiles made of high-performance plastics are offered, which are priced in the range of cement and clay.

Cost estimate by measurement

If you have decided on a material and a look when you buy it, you should have a measurement made with the floor plan of your roof that also corresponds to a cost estimate.

Provider and price range

  • building materials is a dealer for all kinds of building materials, offering roof tiles in all materials, shapes and colors.
  • eu building materials specializes in clay roof tiles, especially Braas products.
  • is a specialist provider of historic roof tiles that create a deliberate antique look.
Tips & Tricks In addition to the well-known sources of supply such as hardware stores, building material stores or manufacturers, it is worthwhile to find out which regional central roofing shop is located, which often also sells roof tiles to end customers.