When cleaning the oil bottle, it depends on the thoroughness

Generally, the cleaning of an oil bottle hardly differs from the procedure for bottles with other content. Important and indispensable is a fat-soluble auxiliary and sufficient exposure time. To fast approach and dishwashing machines are natural opponents hygienic cleaner and "de oiled " bottles.

Oil forms a stable surface tension

Oil consists for the most part of fat, which sticks to the bottle surfaces "". The stable chemical and molecular structure of the fats must be "cracked ". Lye and lye-containing agents do not meet this function, acids, water and surfactants.

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When cleaning an oil bottle, the alkaline agent "cracks " the structure of the oil or fat. Warm, not hot, water serves as an absorbing "transporter " of the destabilized fat. An emulsion is created in which the oil collects on the surface of the water.

Principle of fat destruction

The molecular structure of conventional dishwashing detergent causes the "cracking" by "outsmarting the stable oil molecules ". This breaks the surface tension and the oil is transported away by accumulation. A certain time window is required for this process. The more oily a bottle is wetted, the longer it takes the detergent molecules to be "controlled" by the oil counterparts. Lukewarm water as the environment supports this process in a similar way to a catalyst. Cold or too hot water slows down or prevents the effect.

How to clean an oil bottle

  • Degreasing detergent
  • Medium warm water

1. Diving

Immerse the entire bottle in a water bath in which the lukewarm water should have a temperature between thirty and forty degrees Celsius.

2. mixture

Add about the amount of a tablespoon of dish soap to 500 milliliters of water. Inside a liter bottle, this corresponds roughly to a height of two centimeters. Mix the rinse water in the bottle well by shaking it. If you have a bath that has an effect from the outside, you should stir it well.

3. Exposure time

Leave the bottle in the bath or the contents of the rinse water in the body of the bottle for at least an hour. Pour off the emulsion and repeat the process two times.

4th. dry

If the water stains are evenly distributed after pouring out and rinsing with clear water, the oil has been removed.

Tips & Tricks With caustic soda and mineral spirits you can "crack " the oil faster. The substances work more aggressively towards both the oil and health.