When cleaning the window, there is a drying time and a standing time

The drying time of window plaster is defined with two relevant points in time. The final setting is the moment when the plaster is "finished ". The standing time is the status of the intermediate drying, from which further work steps such as applying tiles, painting or wallpapering. Guide values help, but must be adjusted.

Guide values and deviations

If window plaster is applied, the standing and drying time increases with the thickness of the plaster layer. As a guideline, tradespeople calculate around 24 hours of drying time per millimeter of layer thickness. The service life is normally shorter and is given by the manufacturers with a minimum value.

The external conditions have a direct influence. A window plaster inside dries fairly reliably according to the guideline values due to a moderately regulated temperature of around twenty degrees Celsius and an air humidity between sixty and 65 percent.

The drying of window plaster on exterior walls can vary. A higher material thickness applied at once and the effects of the weather extend the time window up to twice as much.