When grinding natural stone, the costs depend on the procedure

In almost all cases, natural stone reconditioning and grinding can be done in more than one way. Apart from the intensity and depth, finer abrasives can be used to sand more often or less often with coarser grits. Crystallization after a basic cut is often the most sensible and economical option.

Try out possible alternatives first

Old worn natural stone can be reconditioned by grinding. However, every cut means mechanical stress for the stone. Therefore, the grinding should be done as rarely as possible. Often times, the amazing results achieved by polishing are not expected.

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Almost all the usual signs of wear such as cloudiness and surface scratches can already be adequately treated with professional polishing. In addition to removing scratches, polishing paste (€ 22.49 on Amazon *) and polishing pads ensure thorough cleaning.

Cost criteria

Sanding should not be done more often than every ten years, better less often. In order to estimate the workload and the resulting costs, the following criteria play a role:

  • Type of natural stone such as hard or soft stone
  • Laying quality and leveling condition ("crooked " panels must be sanded down)
  • Is additional treatment such as crystallization planned?
  • The natural stone can also be easily reached with heavy equipment

material costs

Stonemasons are the most qualified experts in grinding natural stone. A little caution should be exercised with cleaning companies that only offer sanding as one of the many services. Suppliers who clean natural stone with high-pressure jets should never be chosen.

The prices consist of abrasives and labor. The abrasive consumption results from the number of sanding steps and the type of natural stone. The following are guideline values per sanding step:

  • Hard rock around twenty euros per square meter
  • Soft rock around 15 euros per square meter

Up to eight sanding steps are usual for renovation sanding. Crystallization can be carried out after one or two coarse coarse coats. The material costs for this process are around five euros per square meter.

labour costs

  • Arrival and departure including grinding machine transport (kilometer flat rate)
  • Sand the floor ten to 15 euros per square meter
  • Crystallization apply twenty to forty euros per square meter
  • Surface grinding (leveling out unevenness) around twice the normal effort
  • Polishing and finishing around five euros per square meter
Tips & Tricks If you want to renew an impregnation, you have to calculate about ten euros per square meter as additional labor and material costs.