Ventilation for the sewer pipe

Sewer pipes not only have to allow the drainage of house water, they also have to be vented. Without ventilation, a negative pressure is created in the sewer pipe, which empties the odor trap and releases dangerous fermentation gases into the room.

Why bleed?

If you are laying a new sewer pipe, it is essential that you connect it to a vent so that pressure equalization can take place. When the dirty water drains off, it ensures that the incoming air cannot suck the odor traps empty and that fermentation gases can escape.

In the case of house ventilation, these gases are led outside via the roof. However, there is also the option of using a ventilation valve as a main ventilation replacement for individual connections, for example in single-family houses. However, the subject of ventilation of sewage systems is so complex that a connection should only be carried out by a competent do-it-yourselfer.

Tips & Tricks Before connecting a new wastewater line, you should get in terms of Ventilation Council in a specialist.